Difference Between Buying House and Trading House!

The importance of buying house can’t be described in a word. Trading house is also an important business entity. The function of them is not the same. There are some basic difference between buying house and trading house.

The buying house find out the foreign buyers, place orders, communicate with the manufacturers and does all the responsibility of getting the order done. Whereas, the trading house does the transaction job and ease the process between home and abroad companies.

Buying House

Buying house is the working place of merchandizers. The basic function of the buying house is to communicate with the buyers of other countries who are interested to buy garment products. Quality products at lower price is possible in Our RMG industry. So, the overseas buying house places their orders to us quite frequently. 

Trading House

Trading house is such a type of business which aids the transaction between the home companies and abroad companies. It can be said that it is an importer, exporter even a trader also. It purchases products and then sells the products also for other business. They act as intermediaries by manufactures to trade their business in foreign location.

7 Difference Between Buying House and Trading House

Buying House

Trading House

Owned by the buyer

Not owned by the buyer

Buying house has its’ own brand

Doesn’t have own brand

Buying house can directly place order to the manufacturing plant or can place order through the trading house

They always directly place order to the manufacturing plant by taking it from the buyer

It has many outlets

No outlets

Buying house has less risk

Takes more risk because if the order is not according to the buyer then it has to take the risk of money

Job of buying house quite easier

This job is quite difficult as it has to communicate with both the buying house and manufacturing plant

·       Example- H&M which is located at Sweden

·       It has more than 4000 outlets

.       Net worth more than $2 B

·       Example- Li-fung

·       Works for only retailer buyer

.       Net worth more than $1 B

The last Thought

Buying house as well as trading house both of them plays a tremendous job in our RMG sector to achieve the revenue. This sectors help to build up strong economic support for our local industries.

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