Top 5 Best Permanent Fabric Markers of 2023 Review and Buying Guide!

Nowadays, it has become a trend to design our custom t-shirt for birthday parties, baby showers, or school rag day. Often people are seen wearing their custom t-shirts at their functions. 

A decorated t-shirt looks more beautiful on our body rather than any grey t-shirt. So, fabric markers come in handy in this case. We have come up with the 5 best permanent fabric markers that will ease your job.

A FAQ segment is set based on thousands of customer queries along with a buying guide. It will help you to purchase the best product for yourself.

Let’s dive in…………… 

Types of Permanent Fabric Markers

1. Gel Based

Gel based markers use permanent ink that is suspended in the gel formulation. Most often they are seen in the markers used in notepads. 

They are easy to use as the gel enables the gliding of the marker easily on the stuff as the pens we use in our regular purpose. 

2. Paint Based

If you mater over the paint based marker, then you can get a beautiful result. It might get a bit tricky for some people but once you are getting used to it, you won’t use any other markers. 

3. Ink Based 

The use of ink based markers is a bit difficult as they easily bleed. So, start painting with minimal pressure. Be careful while using these markers as a simple mistake will lead to unwanted results.

Don’t press the tip of the marker onto the cloth more than necessary. It may lead to excessive bleeding that may produce any undesirable creation. Do your job carefully with ink based permanent fabric marker. 

Best Permanent Fabric Markers Reviews: Top 5 Fabric Markers Compared

1. Best Budget: Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker

Do you think “Budget ensures the quality”? No this is not correct all the time. Many of the time, we get the quality product at the best bucks.

For artwork and doodling, it is not necessary you need to purchase costly supplies. Sharpie permanent markers would be the best permanent fabric marker if you are on a tight budget. 

This package comes in 12 vibrant colors including Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Lime, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Red, Berry, Purple, and Brown permanent markers are available in this single pack.

Intricate sharp lines can be created with these permanent markers. The fine tip ensures super sharp lines. Precision details and meaningful artwork can be easily created by the fine bold tips of the markers.

These markers are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Not only fabric but also paper, wood, plastic, metals, etc are suitable for painting and writing with these permanent fabric markers.

This permanent ink dries super quickly and doesn’t bleed at all. With several washing, color won’t fade easily. 

Product Highlight:

  • Color: Black, Blue, Turquoise, Aqua, Green, Lime, Yellow, Orange, Berry, Red, Purple and Brown
  • Tip or Point type: Fine
  • Line size: 1.0 -1.9 mm
  • Availability: 5,8,12,24 or 36 counts packs are available
  • Water resistance level: Water-proof
  • Preferable surface: Fabric, paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces

Reasons to Buy:

  • Comes with vivid and brilliant colors
  • Resistant to fading and washing 
  • Water-proof
  • Fine points ensure detailed artwork
  • Colors won’t smear on the surface
  • Variety of color options are available
  • Suitable for fabric, paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces

2. Best For Bold Line: Amazon Basics Fine Point Tip Permanent Markers

If you want to decorate your favorite dress with thick and bold artwork, then nothing can do great than this. This permanent fabric marker is formulated with non-toxic chemicals. 

This is conformed to ASTM D4236. It certifies that these markers are free from all kinds of hazardous chemicals like metal ions, and toxic acids. 

No matter if you want to do writing, doodling or drawing, this will be your all time companion and will serve the best you. 

Fabric painting or any kind of painting will be great for

A variety of bright colors like red, green, blue, purple, and black will make your project look super colorful and cute. Kids will enjoy doing their projects along with these colorful markers.

The fade-proof and smear-proof features guarantee the quality of these markers. No fabric is the only product for this, they are perfectly suitable for most the surfaces like metal, stone, glass, wood, etc.

Only a sacrificing point is that some users find it to be more absorbent that bleeds in some of their paperwork.

Product Highlight:

  • Color: Assorted
  • Tip or point: Black
  • No of pieces: 12 or 24 pieces pack is available
  • Water resistance: Water-proof
  • Preferable surface: Fabric, photos, plastic, cellophane, wood, stone, metal, and glass

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic formula
  • Conforms with ASTM 4236
  • Durable paint
  • Do not fade easily
  • Smear-proof quality
  • Water-proof marker
  • Comes with different vibrant colors
  • Creates bold thick lines
  • Suitable for most the surfaces like fabric, paper, metal, glass, wood, cello-phone, stone etc

3. Best Permanent Fabric Marker For Kids: US Art Supply Permanent Fabric Marker

When you are choosing something for your kids, then the first priority would be safety, right? If it is so, then look no further! 

This is the best fabric marker we pick especially for kids. A variety of vibrant colors are available for coloring which provides great detailed designs.

These fabric markers are non-toxic. ASTM D4236 ensures they are free from any hazardous chemicals, metal ions, or acids. Again they are EN71 certified. The perfect option for your kids’ doodling. 

Chisel tip provides an accurate blending of color whereas bullet tip enables perfect outlining of designs. If you are trying to create any intricate designs, then this marker would be a great option. 

Decorate your tees, bags, and clothing with these markers and create your own imagination on that stuffs. Customers highly rated this fabric marker for ease of use. They loved this fabric marker for their kids as they are free from any kinds of toxicity.

Product Highlight:

  • Color: Multi-color
  • Point type: Chisel or fine
  • No. of pieces: 20
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic
  • Water resistant level: Water-proof

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236 and EN71 certified
  • Completely kid safe
  • Rich and intensely vibrant colors
  • Both bullet and chisel tips offer a detailed outline 
  • Permanent color resists any kind of color fading from washing

4. Best Oil-based Permanent Fabric Marker: TFIVE Permanent Fabric Marker

How it would be if you purchase any permanent fabric marker that can paint your mugs or whatever you want to paint! If so, choose any marker with oil-based ink.

This permanent fabric marker will help you to get this job done. Oil based opaque ink is used here that is chemically stable and dries quickly. 

The good lightfastness property of these markers enables them to be resistant to any exposure to light. 

If you are allergic to odor or any kinds of toxic acids, then these would be the best permanent fabric markers for you. 

They are odorless and free from any acids, xylene, toluene, or toxic chemicals. Each of the markers is tested and certified by ASTM D4236 and EN71.

No matter whether you want to draw on woodcraft, plastics, balls, cards, or rocks, or even on canvas, with these permanent markers, the result coming out will be superb.

With 2 to 2.8 mm diameter fine tip, they serve with extreme precision even in smaller spaces. These markers would be a great match for scrapbooking, gift card making, journals, calendars, and coloring books.

For better service, each of the markers is packed separately in a heat shrink film. This is done so that no leakage occurs during storage or shipping.

Product Highlight:

  • Color: Multi-color
  • Ink: Oil-based opaque ink
  • Point tip diameter: 2.00 – 2.80 mm 
  • Line thickness: 2 mm
  • No. of pieces: 12
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic
  • Water resistant level: Water-proof
  • Packaging: Packaged in a separate heat shrink film
  • Preferable surfaces: Glass, paper, cardboard, fabric, rubber, plastic, canvas, metal, aluminum, brass, cars, wood, stone etc.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Oil based marker that can mark anything
  • Opaque ink dries quickly and permanently
  • Composed of chemically stable and lightfast ink
  • Suitable for most the surfaces
  • Variety of vibrant colors in a package
  • Super fine tip provides a perfect detailed outline
  • Environment friendly
  • Free from toxicity, xylene or toluene 
  • Perfect for DIY projects, scrapbooks, gift card marking, journals, calendars, planners, coloring books 
  • Separate packaging in a heat shrink film for a leakage-proof shipping

5. Best Permanent Fabric Marker For Crafting: ARTISTRO Permanent Fabric Marker

Are you a craft lover? For detailed artwork with a precision outline, this would be one of the best permanent fabric markers. 

These markers have extra fine tips that can draw 0.7 mm lines. Flows smoothly without any flooding and creates an ultra-fine detailed outline to won’t smudge once dried. 

No matter whether you are creating your favorite anime character on glass, painting your acrylic placeholder for a wedding, or painting your favorite dress, the result would be detailed with fine lines.

Customers highly love these acrylic fabric markers for their precision artwork on a variety of surfaces. They are rocks, stone, metal, pottery, treated smooth wood, plastic, terra-cotta, polymer clay

Product Highlight:

  • Ink color: Black
  • Point tip: Extra fine
  • Line size: 0.7 mm
  • No. of pieces: 5
  • Toxicity level: Non-toxic

Reasons to Buy:

  • Toxicity free
  • No presence of odor 
  • Long-lasting and durable color
  • Rich and vibrant black color
  • Acrylic paint dries glossy and opaque 
  • Great for detailed artwork
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces like rocks, stone, metal, pottery, treated smooth wood, plastic, terra-cotta, polymer clay
  • Confirmed by ASTM D4236 

How to Choose the Best Permanent Fabric Markers?

Your permanent fabric marker should be long lasting onto the fabric. This buying guide will help you to find the best permanent fabric makers for you.

Strongly resistant against color fading

The markers should be strongly resistant to fading. If the color of the markers fades fast along with perspiration, washing, and rubbing then using fabric markers will be of no use. 

No matter whether you use a fabric marker or fabric paint on your clothing that should be colorfast and fade proof. How it would be, you use a fabric marker to decorate your fabric but after several washes, the color faded due to wear. 

This situation is not expected. So, read the description box properly before purchasing any markers so that they won’t fade that easily.


Colors should be non-toxic. No matter whether you use fabric spray dye or fabric refresher or paint on your onesie with marker, it should be free from any toxicity. Fabric is a planner substance that lies in close contact with our body. 

If the color is toxic, it can harm your skin. The allergic persons might get rashes from it. So, the product you use on the fabric should be free from metal complexes, acid, etc.

When you use it for kid’s garments, then you should be way more careful so that nothing can harm them.

True to color

Color should be what it is! It is so unexpected that the color of your favorite dress changes with perpetual wash. 

FAQs on Best Permanent Fabric Markers

  1. Do fabric markers come off from the fabric with washes?

No, our picks are permanent fabric markers. The color won’t come off from the fabric. 

  1. How to prevent fabric markers from bleeding?

You should let the color completely dry after designing with the marker. Then iron the fabric to permanently set the color on the fabric. If you want a better result, you can paint with transparent fabric paint.

  1. Is it possible to revive the dry fabric marker?

The permanent fabric markers need rubbing alcohol to revive. All you can do is soak the tip of the marker in the rubbing alcohol. 

You should keep it soaked until the color comes off. Rubbing alcohol will activate the tip of the fabric marker.

  1. How long should I wait for drying the permanent fabric marker on clothes?

Permanent fabric marker takes almost 24 hours to completely dry. Some markers of a specific brand, need a little time to dry. But letting the color sit on the cloth for a longer period of time is a good idea also. 

The Last Thought on Permanent Fabric Markers Reviews

All of our permanent fabric markers are tested and gained extra stars for their outstanding performance and longevity. You can definitely choose one of them which meets your criteria. 

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