Difference Between Dyeing & Printing

Dyeing is thorough coloration on substrate whereas printing is the application of color in a specified area in designs or patterns. But there are basic difference between dyeing and printing as mostly dyeing is done through aqueous medium. On the contrary, printing ink must be of specific thickness where thickener is used to maintain the print paste viscosity. Do you want to know about the difference between dyeing & printing? Find it below!


Dyeing is the process by which dye or pigment is applied onto textile materials like fiber, yarn, fabric. Dye molecules are fixed to the substrate by adsorption, sorption and diffusion. The bond may be weak or strong depending on the dye. Dyes should be solubilized and then applied to the substrate. Different fibers are dyed with different dyes. Acid, basic, reactive, vat, sulphur, azoic dyes are different dyes. Different dyes are applied to different substrate. 


Printing can be said to be as localized dyeing. In this process, dyes and pigments are applied in the substrate in a given pattern. Printing can be done using different method like block printing, roller printing, screen printing, rotary printing etc. Printing can be done in different styles like discharge style, resist style, direct style of printing

Let’s know the key differences.

Difference Between Dyeing & Printing



·       There is no localized application

·       This is the localized application of        dyes/pigments on the fabric according to design.

·       Color is applied in form of solution

·       Colour is applied in form of thick paste

·       Fabric, yarn and fibers are dyed

·       Fabric is only printed

·       Generally a colour is used.

·       One or more colour is used

·       Thickener is not used.

·       Thickener is used

·       Steaming is not required on dyed mtl.

·       Steaming is used in the printed fabric for fixation

·       More time is required

·       Less time is required

·       Less expensive

·       More expensive

·       Much amount of water is used

·       Less amount of water is used.

·       Liquor ratio is high.

·       Liquor Ratio is less.

The Last Word

Both dyeing and printing adds beautification to the grey substrate. They adds color to the textile to make it look more beautiful.

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