How Much Fabric For a Pillowcase? Standard Pillowcase Fabric Quantities!

Making your own pillowcase is both an economical and creative way to spruce up your bedroom, as you can choose any fabric of your liking. 

In this guide, we will discuss the amount of fabric you need to make a standard pillowcase, as well as any additional fabric you may need if you want to experiment with different styles or sizes. 

We will also provide tips on how to measure and cut the fabric correctly. With this guide, you will be able to create your own beautiful pillowcase in no time!

You will need not more than 1 yard of fabric for a standard or queen size pillowcase. For a king size pillowcase 1.5 yard fabric is enough. The more fabric, the more pillowcase you need.

Let’s dive deep into it………

Selection of fabric for the pillowcase

Cotton, silk, linen, velvet, satin –what to pick for a perfect pillowcase. Here’s a detailed discussion on how to choose the fabric for your pillowcase:


The comfort level should be the top priority. Cotton is a popular choice for pillowcases because of the soft hand feels and breathability, but other fabrics such as silk, polyester, and linen can also provide comfort and a gorgeous outlook. 

Pillow Size

The size of the pillowcase is so important. If you don’t know the actual size you need, then you won’t get the perfect quantity of the fabric.


The look and feel of the fabric is a crucial factors. Silk, velvet, or satin provides a luxurious and posh outlook whereas Cotton, flannel, or muslin provides a casual outlook. 

Solid color or pattern

For versatile and minimal style solid color fabric is a game changer but you can add more definition to your pillowcase using the patterned, printed or embroidered pillowcase.

Ultimately, the right fabric for your pillowcase depends on your personal preference and the needs

Size breakdown of the pillowcase

  • Standard & Queen size pillowcase

Most of the time, Standard and queen size pillowcase measures the same. A 20″ x 30″ (height x width) size is perfect for standard and queen size pillowcases, 

Front piece – 21 2/8″ x 37 6/8″

Back piece – 21 2/8″ x 31″

  • King size pillowcase

King size pillowcase is 20″ x 40″ (height x width), just 10″ wider than the queen size pillowcase. Front & back measurement-

Front – 21 2/8″ x 48″

Back – 21 2/8″ x 41 2/8″

Allowance required for seam

Cotton or linen like natural fabrics goes through shrinkage after wash. These fabrics are kept at higher tension while manufacturing on the loom. When they are dipped in water, they get relaxed. As a result, lengthwise shrinkage occurs.

When you purchase fabric from the store just pre-wash them before sewing. This will help in no shrinkage after wash. 

It is recommended to buy 10% extra fabric.  ½” or 3/8” seam allowance should be kept for a pillowcase.

How much fabric do I need for a pillowcase?

For sewing lovers, any sewing project is fun. Just need to know about the number of fabrics, then it is no more difficult for any newbie sewer. Let’s have a look over the actual amount of fabrics that are needed for a pillowcase. 

  • How much fabric is for a standard & queen size pillowcase?

One yard fabric has a 45” width is enough for a standard or queen size pillowcase. If you want to make two or three pillowcases, then you will need two or three yards of fabric. The more pillowcases you need, the more yards will be added here. But it depends on the width of the fabric. 

You may get 45″ to 58″ wide fabric. If you use wider fabrics, then you might need fewer fabrics as well as lesser wastage will be.

No matter whether you will make a pillowcase with an inner flap or an invisible zipper, just pick one yard of fabric for the project. 

  • how much fabric for a king size pillowcase

For king size pillowcase with an inner flap (envelop style) 2.5 yards of fabric having a 45” width is required for two pillowcases. But if an invisible zipper is used here, you will need fewer fabrics. As no extra fabric will be required for the inner flap. Then 2.3 yards of fabric is enough for two pillowcases. 

  • how much fabric for a toddler pillowcase

For toddlers 14″ x 19″ (height x width) size pillow sounds idle. For this definitely we need a little bit extra fabric which is ½ yards. 

That means ½ yards fabric is enough for making a toddler pillowcase. Toddlers grow fast so in no time, you will need a bigger size pillowcase. For that, you can choose standard size pillowcase.

  • how much fabric do I need for a burrito pillowcase

For a burrito pillowcase, a ¾ yard of fabric is enough. That means you will not require more than one yard of fabric. 

Supplies for sewing a pillowcase

Just some simple things and you are ready to go for your D.I.Y pillowcase. Check out the supplies below:

  • Fabric (1 or 2 yards according to your need)
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Iron

Sewing guide: How to make a pillowcase by myself?

Don’t know how to sew? It’s easier than your thought. Just follow the below instructions.

  • Cut the fabric according to the measurement whether you want a king or queen size pillowcase. Keep a seam allowance of ½ inch and cut the fabric from the above measurement.
  • Fold the fabric by 4 inches to create a seam for the outer side. Now sew the bottom of the fabric to make a French seam. 
  •  Thus both the front and back panels should be cut.
  • Once the pieces are cut, keep the cuff side open. Flip the fabric on the right side and then the other three sides need to sew in a straight line with threads.
  • Enjoy your new pillowcase.

To Wrap Up!!

Making your own project is fun. Just make your own projects and enjoy your products. Hope this article will help you in making your fun projects.

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