All About Textile Abbreviations: A to Z

There are different textile terms. All Textile professionals should have proper knowledge about the textile abbreviations. But it seems difficult sometimes to recognize the term. So, we come up with some important common textile terms in this article.

Let’s dive in………………..

Textile Abbreviations:

AQL – Acceptable Quality Level

AAQC – American Association of Quality Control

AAQC – American Apparels Quality Control

ASTM – American Society for Testing Materials

ASQC – American Society for Quality Control

AAMC – American Apparel Manufacturing Corporation

AAMA – American Apparels Manufacturing Association

AGM – Assistant General Manager

AM – Assistant Merchandizer

BGMEA – Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association

BCI – Bangladesh Commerce & Investment

BKMEA – Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association

BCCFA – Bangladesh Custom Clearing & Forwarding Agent

BTMC – Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation

BTMA – Bangladesh Textile Mills Association

BEPZA – Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority

BJMC – Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation

BJMA – Bangladesh Jute Mills Association

BGWUC– Bangladesh Garments Worker Unit Council

BATEXPO – Bangladesh Textile Exposition

BJCP – Bangladesh Jute Cultivation Program

BJEC – Bangladesh Jute Export Corporation

BS – British Standard

BS – Bill of Sale

BL – Bill of Lading

BWTG – Better Worker in Textile Garment

BOM – Bill of Materials

BOT – Board of Trade

BB L/C – Back to Back L/C

BY – Bas year

COD – Cash on Delivery

CFS – Container Freight station

CRD – Cargo Receive Day

CM – Cost of Manufacturing

CO – Country of origin

CAP – Corrective Action Plan

CMT – Cut Make Trim

CM – Country Manager

CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAD – Computer Aided Design

CF – Cubic Feet

C&F – Clearing & Forwarding

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

CBA – Collective Bargaining Agent

CBM – Cubic Meter

CI – Commercial Invoice

CVC – Chief Value of Cotton

CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight

C & F – Cost & Freight

CTL – Consumer Testing Lab

CMO – Cost of Making Order

CMT – Cut, Make & Trim

CAF – Currency Adjustment Factor

CBL – Center Back Line

CFL – Center Front Line

CSP – Count Sire Pound

CVT – Co-efficient of Variation

 CY – Container yard

DDU – Delivery Duty Unpaid

DDP – Delivery Duty Paid

EEC – European Economic Community

EFTA – European Commission on Human Rights

EP – Export Procedure

EPA – European Productivity Agency

ETP – Effluent treatment Plant

EPZ – Export Processing Zone

ETD – Expected Time of Departure

ETA – Expected Time of Arrival

EPB – Export Promotion Bureau

EPI – Ends Per Inch

FEU – Forty- Foot Equivalent Unit

FCL – Full Container Load

FPI – Fixed Per Inch

FAK – Freight All Kinds

FPC – Flat Packed Container

FT – Free Trade

FOB – Free On Board

FOB A – Free On Board Air

FDI – Foreign Direct Investment

FTC – Federal Trade Commission

FQA – Final Quality Audit

FY – Fiscal Year

FBCCI – Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries

GSTP – Global System of Trade Practices

GSP – Generalized System of Preference

GM – General Manager

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

GPT – Garments Performance Test

GW – Gross Weight

GMT – Garments

GNP – Gross National Product

GAAT – Generalized Agreement on Tariffs and Taxes

GOH – Garment on Hanger

HQ – High Cubic Feet

HAWB – House Airway Bill

IC – Inspection Certificate

IPI – Interior Point Internodes

IM – Import Procedure

ICB – Investment Corporation of Bangladesh

ICC – International Chamber of Commerce

IATA – International Air Transport Association

IPC – In-Process Check

ILO – International Labor Organization

ISO – International Organization for Standardization

IMF – International Monetary Fund

IMS – Industrial Management Service

IE – Industrial Engineering

IFTU – International Federation of Trade Union

IC – Inspection Certificate

ITO – Income Tax Officer

LDC – Least Developed Country

LCL – Less than Container Load

LCA – Letter of Credit Authorization

L – Large (size)

L/C – Letter of Credit

LIFO – Last in First Out

KTA – Knitted Textile Association of America

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

MM – Merchandise Manager

MIS – Management Information System

MOT – Ministry of Textiles

MMT – Measurement

MAWB – Master Airway Bill

MV – Mother Vessel

M – Medium (size)

MOS – Margin of Safety

NSA – No Seam Allowance

NPT – Non-Productive Time

NW – Net Weight

NGC – New Generation Computing

OZ – Ounces

OM – Office Manager

OBL – Original Bill of Lading

PS – Production Sample

PI – Performa Invoice

PO – Production Officer

PSI – Pre-shipment Inspection

PP – Pre-production

PM – Production Manager

PD – Plain Dyed

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

PDM – Production Development Manual

PTS – Primary Textile Sector

PPI – Picks per Inch

POL – Port of Loading

PO – Purchase Offer

POD – Port of Delivery

QIP – Quality Improvement Plan

QA – Quality Assurance

QC – Quality Control

RMG – Readymade Garments

RPM – Revolution per Minute

RSL – Restricted Substance List

S – Small (size)

SQL – Submitted Quality Level

SM – Senior Merchandizer

SMV – Standard Minute Value

SKU – Stock Keeping Unit

SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

SAM – Standard Allowed Minute

SPI – Stich per Inch

SRL – Sensory and Consumer Research

TPI – Twist per Inch

TA – Time Action

TCB – Trading Corporation of Bangladesh

TAP – Total Acceptable Product

T&P – Time & Action Plan

TU – Trade Union

UD – Utilization Declaration

UPC – Universal Product Code

VAT – Value Added Tax

VPR – Vendor Performance Record

XL – Extra large

WTP – Water Treatment Plant

WTO – World Trade Organization

WH – Working Hour

WFTU – World Federation of Trade Unions

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