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Squishmallows are made of ultra-soft polyester fabric. They are filled with a plush, marshmallow-like texture.

Squishmallows have become incredibly popular due to their softness and cuddliness. Their polyester fabric ensures a smooth and comforting touch, perfect for all ages. These plush toys come in various shapes and sizes, making them a hit with children and adults alike.

Their vibrant colors and adorable designs add to their charm. Collectors and fans appreciate the consistency in quality and feel. Whether for play, decoration, or comfort, Squishmallows offer a delightful experience. Their easy maintenance also makes them a practical choice for parents. Overall, Squishmallows are a must-have for anyone seeking a cozy and cute companion.

The Squishmallow Craze

Everyone loves Squishmallows! These soft, cuddly toys have taken the world by storm. They are more than just toys. Kids and adults adore their softness and cute designs.

Rise Of The Cuddly Companions

Squishmallows first appeared in 2017. They quickly became popular. People love their soft, squishy feel. The toys come in many shapes and sizes. Each one has a unique character and story.

Why They’re More Than Just Stuffed Toys

Squishmallows are not ordinary stuffed toys. They offer comfort and companionship. Their soft texture makes them perfect for hugging. Many people collect them for their cute designs and unique characters.

Squishmallows are also great for stress relief. Squeezing and hugging them can make you feel calm. Some people even use them as pillows. Their versatility makes them a must-have.

The fabric used in Squishmallows is key to their softness. They are made of polyester and spandex. This combination gives them their unique squishiness. The stuffing inside is also polyester. This makes them fluffy and easy to squeeze.




Outer fabric and stuffing


Added stretch and softness

Polyester is durable and easy to clean. This makes Squishmallows long-lasting. Spandex adds a soft stretch, making them even more huggable. Together, these fabrics make Squishmallows special.

Fabrics Behind The Softness

Squishmallows are known for their incredible softness and cuddly feel. Their unique texture makes them a favorite among kids and adults alike. But what exactly goes into making these plush toys so irresistibly soft?

Primary Materials Used

The main fabric used in Squishmallows is polyester fibers. These fibers are known for their durability and smooth texture. Squishmallows also use a special type of polyester called spandex. This material is stretchy and helps the toys maintain their shape. The combination of polyester and spandex creates a plush surface that is both soft and resilient.

Unique Texture And Durability

Squishmallows have a unique texture that sets them apart from other plush toys. The surface is incredibly smooth and velvety to the touch. This is due to the high-quality polyester fibers used in their construction.

The durability of Squishmallows is another key feature. The polyester and spandex blend ensures that the toys can withstand lots of hugs and squeezes. This blend also makes Squishmallows machine washable, which is great for keeping them clean and fresh.



Polyester Fibers

Durable, Smooth


Stretchy, Shape-Retaining

  • Polyester fibers offer durability and a smooth texture.

  • Spandex contributes to the stretchy and shape-retaining quality.

  • The combination of these materials ensures long-lasting softness.

Manufacturing The Squish

Squishmallows are loved for their softness and cuddliness. This is due to the special fabric used in their making. Understanding the fabric and the process helps appreciate these adorable plush toys even more.

The Production Process

The fabric used for Squishmallows is a super soft, marshmallow-like texture. This fabric is made of polyester. The polyester is chosen for its durability and softness. The fabric is then cut into specific shapes. Each shape is carefully designed to match the Squishmallow’s character.

Once the shapes are cut, they are sewn together. Skilled workers ensure each stitch is perfect. After sewing, the Squishmallows are stuffed with high-quality polyester fiber. This stuffing gives them their squishy feel.



Fabric Selection

High-quality polyester fabric is chosen for softness and durability.


Fabric is cut into shapes matching the Squishmallow’s design.


Shapes are sewn together with precision.


Polyester fiber is used to stuff the Squishmallows for their squishy feel.

Quality Control Measures

To ensure each Squishmallow meets high standards, strict quality control measures are in place. Every Squishmallow undergoes a series of checks. These checks ensure the fabric is soft and the stitches are secure.

  • Visual Inspection: Each Squishmallow is visually inspected for defects.

  • Touch Test: The softness of the fabric is tested by touch.

  • Durability Check: The stitching and seams are checked for strength.

Only Squishmallows that pass these checks are packaged for sale. This ensures that every Squishmallow is of the highest quality. The commitment to quality makes Squishmallows a favorite among kids and collectors.

Safety And Standards

Squishmallows are beloved by kids and adults alike. They are known for their softness and cuddliness. But beyond their adorable appearance, safety is a top priority. Parents need to know that these plush toys are safe for their children.

Compliance With Toy Safety Regulations

Squishmallows meet strict toy safety regulations. The materials used are carefully selected and tested. They conform to international safety standards, including ASTM F963 and EN71. These standards ensure that the toys are free from harmful chemicals and small parts that could pose choking hazards.




American toy safety standard ensuring physical and mechanical safety.


European toy safety standard focusing on chemical safety and flammability.

Hypoallergenic And Non-toxic

Squishmallows are made from hypoallergenic materials. This means they are less likely to cause allergic reactions. The stuffing and fabric are non-toxic and safe for all ages. Parents can feel secure knowing their children are playing with safe toys.

  • Made from polyester fibers

  • Free from harmful dyes and chemicals

  • Tested for allergens and irritants

These features make Squishmallows a perfect choice for sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic nature ensures that everyone can enjoy these plush toys without worries.

Squishmallows And Sensory Experience

Squishmallows are beloved for their soft, squishy texture. They offer a comforting and enjoyable sensory experience. The unique fabric and filling make Squishmallows stand out. Let’s explore how they appeal to the senses.

Appeal To Touch

The fabric of Squishmallows is incredibly soft. It’s made from spandex and polyester. This combination creates a velvety feel. The outer layer is smooth and plush. It invites you to squeeze and cuddle. This tactile appeal is crucial for sensory satisfaction.

Comfort And Stress Relief

Squishmallows provide immense comfort. Their filling is made of polyester fiber. This material is lightweight and resilient. It allows the Squishmallows to return to their original shape. You can squeeze them without worry.

These plush toys are perfect for stress relief. They offer a calming effect when hugged. Many people find them soothing. They are great for moments of anxiety or stress.




Outer Fabric

Spandex and Polyester

Soft and Velvety

Inner Filling

Polyester Fiber

Lightweight and Resilient

Squishmallows are much more than toys. They are sensory companions. Their unique materials and design offer comfort and joy.

Eco-friendly Aspects

Squishmallows are adored by many for their softness and cuddliness. But did you know they are also eco-friendly? The brand has made significant strides in using sustainable materials and practices. This section explores the eco-friendly aspects of Squishmallows.

Recycled Materials In Production

One of the key eco-friendly features of Squishmallows is the use of recycled materials in their production. The outer fabric, known for its softness, often contains recycled polyester. This reduces the demand for virgin materials and helps in waste management.

The stuffing inside Squishmallows is also made from recycled fibers. This not only makes them soft and huggable but also environmentally responsible. By using recycled materials, the brand reduces its carbon footprint and supports sustainable practices.

Sustainability Efforts

Squishmallows are committed to sustainability. They follow strict guidelines to ensure their products are eco-friendly. The production processes are designed to minimize waste and energy consumption.

They also use eco-friendly dyes and printing methods. This ensures that no harmful chemicals are released into the environment. The packaging is made from recyclable materials, further reducing the environmental impact.

Here is a quick overview of their sustainability efforts:



Recycled Materials

Uses recycled polyester and fibers

Eco-Friendly Dyes

Utilizes dyes free from harmful chemicals

Energy Efficiency

Minimizes energy use in production

Recyclable Packaging

Employs materials that can be recycled

These efforts show the brand’s dedication to the environment. By choosing Squishmallows, you support a brand that cares for the planet.

Care And Maintenance

Squishmallows are made from soft, plush fabric that requires special care. Proper maintenance ensures they remain huggable and clean. Follow these tips to keep your Squishmallows in perfect condition.

Cleaning Instructions

Hand washing is the best way to clean Squishmallows. Use a mild detergent and warm water.

  1. Fill a basin with warm water and add a small amount of mild detergent.

  2. Gently submerge the Squishmallow, squeezing lightly to release dirt.

  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap.

  4. Press out excess water with a towel. Do not wring.

  5. Allow the Squishmallow to air dry completely.

Machine washing is possible but less recommended. If necessary, use a gentle cycle and place the Squishmallow in a pillowcase or laundry bag.

  • Use cold water and a gentle cycle.

  • Place the Squishmallow in a pillowcase or laundry bag.

  • Use a small amount of mild detergent.

  • Air dry the Squishmallow completely. Do not use a dryer.

Longevity Tips

To ensure your Squishmallow lasts long, follow these tips:



Avoid direct sunlight

Keep Squishmallows away from direct sunlight to prevent fabric fading.

Store properly

Store Squishmallows in a cool, dry place to avoid moisture buildup.

Avoid sharp objects

Keep Squishmallows away from sharp objects to prevent tears and punctures.

Regularly check for any signs of wear and tear. Repair small damages quickly to prevent them from becoming worse.

Collectors And Community

Squishmallows have taken the world by storm. Their soft texture and adorable designs make them irresistible. But there’s more to these plush toys. The community and collectors behind them are just as fascinating.

The Growing Collector’s Market

The market for Squishmallows is growing every day. Collectors seek rare and limited-edition designs. These plush toys have become valuable items. Some even fetch high prices on resale platforms.

Collectors often display their Squishmallows in creative ways. They use shelves, beds, and even dedicated rooms. The most popular sizes are the 8-inch and 12-inch versions. But larger ones are also sought after.

Collectors love the hunt for new additions. Many follow release dates closely. They check online stores and physical shops. The excitement of finding a rare Squishmallow is unmatched.

Fandom And Online Communities

The Squishmallow fandom is very active online. Fans share their collections on social media. Popular platforms include Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. These communities are friendly and welcoming.

Online groups often organize swaps and sales. This helps collectors find specific Squishmallows they need. Many fans also create custom designs. These unique creations add a personal touch to their collections.

Forums and discussion boards are full of tips and advice. Fans share the best places to buy Squishmallows. They also discuss new releases and upcoming designs. The online community is a great resource for any collector.

Joining these groups can be very rewarding. You’ll meet other fans and share your love for Squishmallows. The sense of community is strong and supportive.

What Fabric are Squishmallows Made of : Plush Secrets Unveiled

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Fabric Are Squishmallows Made Of?

Squishmallows are made of super soft, spandex-like polyester fabric. They are filled with soft, fluffy polyester fiber.

What Material Do They Use In Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are made from ultra-soft spandex and polyester stuffing. These materials give them their signature plush feel.

What Makes Squishmallows So Soft?

Squishmallows are incredibly soft due to their high-quality polyester fiber and spandex stuffing. This combination creates a plush, squeezable texture.

What Fabric Are Plushies Made Of?

Plushies are typically made of soft fabrics like polyester, fleece, and minky. These materials ensure a cuddly feel.


Squishmallows are made from soft, plush polyester fabric. This material makes them incredibly huggable and durable. These cuddly companions are perfect for kids and adults alike. Understanding their fabric can help you appreciate their quality. Next time you cuddle a Squishmallow, you’ll know what makes them so special.

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