Top 7 Best Bathroom Rugs of 2023 Review and Buying Guide!

Bathroom rugs, also called contour rugs add an aesthetic, warm and cozy appearance to your bathroom. Have you ever felt envious of your comrade who has a nice and luxurious bathroom well-furnished with the best bathroom rugs? 

Bathroom rugs are specially designed for enhancing the beauty and coziness of the bathroom. But you will get bathroom rugs of different sizes. They are constructed of almost the same materials. In this larger marketplace where many paths are opened to you to make you confused about what to choose. So, we listed the top 7 trending best bathroom rugs that are perfect for their functions. 

At a Glance The 7 Best Bathroom Rugs Reviews

1. Best Overall: Extra Thick Chenille Striped Pattern Bath Rugs

These Extra Thick Chenille Bathroom Rugs are one of our best picks in this buying guide. Overall, we consider this bathroom rug the best pick because of its look and functionality. Non-skid backing with a plush effect underfoot makes it lovely to us.

These beautiful bathroom rugs are available in different colors and sizes that will meet your demand perfectly.

The rug is crafted from sleek and soft chenille yarn in a striped pattern with a rectangular shape that adds an aesthetic look to the bathroom.

It is a perfect deal for stepping out of your bath. Its’ thicker weight makes it bushy and super soft while making it enough absorbent. The customer finds it feels like a comfortable quilt under their feet. 

Thanks to its’ hot melt spray backing that helps to hold the rug firmly in its place while making it more durable and airy fresh. Even this rug dries super quickly. So you need not worry about mildew or mold growth. 

This thick bath mat is machine and dryer safe. Even with several washing, it doesn’t lose fibers and remains hygienic for an extended period of time.

Along with its functionality, it earns a lot of stars for its fabulous style and comfort. Thousands of customers highly recommend this product. 

Product Highlight: 

This rug is 1.5 inch thick chenille yarn rectangle shaped material that has different sizes including 32″ x 20″ up to 47″ x 17″. It comes in different colors from jet black to turquoise blue that provides it more stylish look. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Ultra-thickness
  • Provides a good absorbency
  • Super comfortable and cozy
  • Mildew-proof
  • It feels soft while showing durability to wear or wash
  • Slip-resistant that has non-slip hot melt backing 
  • Its soft tufted surface provides comfort while you dry off yourself
  • Stripe patterned beautiful décor elements
  • Safe for machine washing and tumble drying on low setting

If you want a charming decoration of your bathroom while having great water absorbency, and a softer and more comfortable rug with an updated backing that will help it to stay in its place, then this is a good deal for you. 

2. Best Non-Slip Bathroom Rugs: Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug


Are you concerned for your little baby or old parents? Is slipping anxiety for you? Then look no further, the Gorilla Grip chenille bathroom rug will meet your demand perfectly.  When you are concerned about slipping, your first priority should be the backing technology of the bath rug. 

These are the best non-skid bathroom rugs from our picks. These are heavy-duty thick and strong thermoplastic rubber-backed bathroom rugs.

This makes it non-slip even on the tiles or stone floors. Some of the customers find it a little bit slippery on the wet or mopped floor. They claim that it stays put on dry floors.

This chenille bath rug is incredibly durable over washing. Don’t worry, its’ anti-slip property will not be compromised with several washing. 

The bonus point is these are luxurious bathroom rugs that have plush shag that pampers your feet while soothing your tired toes. You will be amazed at the plushness of its pile that will keep your feet warm.

Thanks to its deep pile that traps moisture to save your floor from being drenched with water as you step out from the bath or spa.

Product Highlight: 

This rug comes in a variety of sizes that will perfectly suit your need. No matter whether you need a small or large size rug for a single sink, double sink or large size spa or Jacuzzi? Each of the times, this rug comes in handy. 

This solid square chenille rug is available in 17″ x 24″ to 70″ x 24″ sizes with a variant color ranging from beige to white (On average 34 colors). This is a plus point that it comes in such a wide range of color variations with this much of variant sizes. It’s quite difficult to find out such variety along with functionality.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Great value for money
  • Variety of sizes available that meets your need
  • Comes with strong TP rubber backing that makes it more durable
  • Convenient for machine wash on low setting
  • Extra pile height offers comfort while making it more absorbent
  • Non-slip waterproof backing

3. Best Value For Money: Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bath Rug


How would you feel like walking on the soft clouds on a budget deal? Yes, the seller of these bathroom rugs claims that it will provide you with that kind of feeling.

Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille bath rug is the best value for money. This bathroom rug pampers your feet on such a few bucks!

This is a high pile shaggy chenille rug that earns many stars from customers. Many users love its’ soft and thick higher pile that offers them comfort and warmth with luxury enjoyment.

With the better-constructed higher pile they might feel very comfortable and soft underfoot. With the special features, these bathroom rugs find their space in our list.

This fluffy microfiber rug soaks up all the water molecules when you step out of the bath leaving the floor fresh. Don’t worry, it doesn’t leave any smell though. The quality shag and hot melt adhesive backing make it non-slip which helps in staying put firmly. 

The bonus point is it can be used for multiple purposes like bathroom, vanity, vacation home, master bathroom, kid’s bathroom, guest suite etc.

While providing a non-slip comfortable feel with just a few bucks, it enhances the décor of your beautiful area with its textured pattern, isn’t it a great deal for the money?

Check out this inexpensive, non-slip, water absorbent and comfy rug for your home now.

Product Highlight:

Shaggy chenille material is available in many sizes ranging from 24 x 17 Inches to 60.2 x 24 Inches. Available in 21 different colors to décor your need.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Great value for money
  • Fluffy microfiber is super absorbent
  • Non-slip 
  • Backed with hot melt adhesive backing
  • The high pile provides comfort to the feet
  • Pricing is not that expensive
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.

4. Best Micro-fiber Bathroom Rug: Walensee Bathroom Rug


If you are the one who needs a cushion effect under your feet, then you are keeping your eye on the right bathroom rugs. With thousands of polyester microfiber, these bathroom rugs sink your toes and provide warmth. The ultra-soft micro-fiber pile helps to shield your toes from cold surfaces while soothing tired feet. 

Microfiber provides a sleek and soft feel to your feet. Moreover, your pets will be happy to lean on these rugs. They are super absorbent.

Absorbs water from dripping on the floor while you’re stepping out of your bath. Moisture gets locked perfectly inside the high pile and allows it to dry quickly.

Strong thermoplastic rubber backing prevents it from skidding while making it more durable to wear or washing. But some users find that it slips on the wet floor.

Customers love these bathroom rugs for their’ super sleek softness that gives cushioned effect underfoot. These bathroom rugs are dryer and washer safe.

The sacrificing point is, many customers find the color of the rug is matted down after the use of several months but the transition may be because of altering the microfiber pile angle. While some customers experience unlooping of the fibers.

Product Highlight:

These bathroom rugs are available in different sizes ranging from 16″ x 24″ to 24″ x 72″. They are available in 32 varied colors from aqua to red colors. Collect these microfiber bathroom rugs that coordinate your bathroom décor.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Microfibers provide ultra-soft feel underfoot
  • Excellent water absorbent
  • Non-skid
  • Super comfortable
  • Comes with strong thermoplastic rubber backing
  • Machine and dryer safe
  • Durable
  • Various colors are available in different sizes

5. Best Memory Foam Bathroom Rug: Genteele Memory Foam Bathroom Rug


Give your bathroom a luxurious look with this soft polyurethane memory foam bathroom rug. Feel the comfort underfoot with the velvety feel of microfiber on the top of the foam.

The color will not fade even with repeated washing. It is protected with non-slip backing. You can coordinate the color scheme of your bathroom by matching the towels along with these bathroom rugs.

The fact is, you get this amazing rug at a budget-friendly deal, don’t miss it.

This thick and well-structured rug can be used for multi-purpose practices such as use simply for guest suites, vanity, vacation home and even in front of the sink, tub side or wherever the place of your home, it provides warmth to your toes. Again it would be a great idea to gift for different occasions. 

The sacrificing thing is, some customers don’t like the foam and some feel like it takes a bit longer time to dry.

Product Highlight:

Velvety memory foam bathroom rugs are available in sizes ranging from 17″ X 24″ to 72″ X 24″. You can choose what suits best with your bathroom décor as they come in 21 different colors.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Velvety finish soothes your feet
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Machine and dryer safe
  • Non-skid
  • Available in many colors and sizes

So, are you on a tight budget? Want a perfectly functional bath rug? Then please check it.

If you want a great deal on a tight budget, then this one is for you. The persons who are not willing to spend a lot to get their home utilities but want a properly functioning product, this one is for them.

6. Best Bathroom Rugs For Seniors: Clara Clark Bathroom Rugs


When it comes to finding the best bathroom rugs for seniors, safety should be a top priority. Non-slip rugs are essential to prevent falls, and materials that are soft and cushioned underfoot can help reduce the risk of injury. 

Made with high-density memory foam, these bath mats provide superior cushioning and support for your feet while you’re getting ready in the morning or unwinding after a long day.

The rugs consist of PVC dots that provide a non-slip bottom to help keep them in place, even in high traffic areas. 

They have never slipped while getting out of the shower, however, some users find them a bit sliding on the floor when not wet as they are very light-weight.

We like it for seniors as it is made with 100% Velvet Fleece fabric that provides a high pile that feels softer and more comfortable surface to stand on, they conform to the shape of the foot and provide extra support. 

They are also machine washable and dry quickly, making them easy to maintain and keep clean. The gray color of this set will match any bathroom decor and the 3 piece set is perfect for any size bathroom.

Most of the customers rated these bathroom rugs with extra stars for long-lasting colors after several washing. No color fading overwhelmed them a lot. 

Overall, The Clara Clark Bathroom Rugs are a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable bath mat set for seniors. 

They are designed to provide a soft and supportive surface for your feet while you’re in the bathroom, and their non-slip bottom and easy-care design make them a convenient and functional choice.

What do we love about it?

  • Velvet fleece fabric provides a soft and plush feeling underfoot that makes stepping out of the shower or bath more comfortable.
  • The non-slip backing on the rugs prevents slipping and sliding, which especially need for the senior members
  • Machine washable 
  • Quick drying 
  • Comes with three different sizes of rugs

7. Best Bamboo Bath Mats: ToiletTree Products 100% Natural Bamboo Deluxe Shower Floor and Bath Mat


If you want a spa like luxurious décor along with a touch of nature, then you are on the right track.

This is one of the best bamboo bath mats that adds a warm and natural touch to your bathroom. Bamboo is a fast-growing and sustainable resource, making it an environmentally friendly option. 

The ToiletTree Bath Mat is a heavy-duty versatile product. No matter wherever you put it near the ladder of the pool, sauna, front porch, and kitchen or garage it looks elegant. Customers having fiberglass material in their bathroom highly rated this bath mat.

It is stain-resistant as well as skid-resistant to prevent slips and falls. 

With its glossy natural color, it will complement any bathroom décor. It’s also made to be water resistant and have a smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain.

It is also durable, due to the nature of bamboo being a hardwood, it will not warp or bend with time as other mat materials can do. Additionally, being made of 100% natural bamboo material, it is also hypoallergenic, so you can use it without any worry.

The vented design of the mat slats easily passes air and drips excess water. A few customers face issues of growing mold or mildew underneath the mat when they don’t dry the excess water from the mat. 

What do we love about it?

  • Attractive & luxurious appearance 
  • Provides safe access 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Feels like a spa 
  • 100% natural eco-friendly
  • vented design circulates air through the slats making it quick drying
  • slip-resistant and stain-resistant

Best Bathroom Rugs Tips You Will Read This Year

There are different rugs are available at an offer price according to everyone’s choice, style or need. But choosing the best and right material for your need is quite challenging when there are many options are opened to you. 

So, we come up with an easy guide that will help you to select the right product for you. As you don’t want to spend your penny’s for a product that is not worth buying.

Product material 

When choosing bathroom rugs, the functionality and performance of the rug should be the key priority. You should choose the one that will less likely make you fall. For this, you have to choose the perfect material.

  • Cotton is a good material that is used to make rugs as it soaks up moisture easily, it is easy to clean and again provides softness underfoot. But it may not be durable due to wear and aging.
  • You will see Nylon rugs in the market. If we talk about quick drying, then the point goes to Nylon material. They are more durable than cotton. As they dry quickly, they need not to wash frequently. But Nylon materials can’t soak up much moisture. Different types of Nylon like Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 11 etc are used in this case.
  • Some plastic mats and rugs are also available in the market that is designed to develop non-slip properties. But you can’t replace them with fashionable fabric rugs. 
  • Bamboo, microfiber, foam or coconut fibers are also used for making bathroom rugs.

But nowadays, a recent invention chenille materials become popular for bathroom rugs. Chenille yarn is produced by placing short length yarn called ‘pile’ in the middle of two core yarns. 

Then the yarns are twisted together. The pile yarns stand at a right angle to the core yarns which makes it softer and more comfortable. The tufted appearance makes it more suitable for bathroom rugs to upholstery. 

The most interesting fact about Chenille is that it looks a little different from one direction in comparison to the other. This is because the pile stands at a right angle to the core, so the yarns catch different light from either side. 

With the angle of view or amount of illumination, it may gradually change its’ surface color thus it is called iridescent. Cotton, olefin, rayon etc are used for the manufacture of chenille material. Low melt Nylon is used at the core of the yarn so that the tufts won’t be loose. So, it provides the softness, comfort and absorbs a good amount of moisture. 


This is the main point that you should look for while checking out bathroom rugs. It won’t want to slip when stepping out from your spa or shower. So, make sure the backing technology is good so that it can hold the rugs in their place properly.

Hot melt spray backing, a thermoplastic rubber backing, and hot melt adhesive backing technology ensure rugs that are less prone to slip. In our buying list, we come up with products that have this kind of backing technology. Enjoy your shopping. 


Measure the place of the bathroom where you want to place the bath rug. As in front of a double sink or shower, you will need a larger one. Again at the bathroom door or toilet, a smaller one is required.

Comfort & Softness

Nothing would be more refreshing than relaxing your toes with the comfort and softness of the rug, after taking a shower or stepping out of the spa. So, go for the materials that will provide comfort.

Machine Wash-Ability

As these materials are delicate, so go for the materials that can withstand machine wash. Otherwise, nothing can be worse than you will bring your favorite rug and after a wash, it will tear out. 

Most of these rugs should be washed at a low setting with no bleaches. Simply use a mild detergent. It is advisable to tumble dry them at low heat. 


Are you thinking that how I put style as a point when you are choosing your bathroom rugs? Yes, it’s not mandatory. But it would be great to décor your bathroom while making it more functional. This will enhance the aesthetic look of your bathroom. It will express your personality.


Of course, your bathroom rug should be durable. So, check the backing technology and double check if the rug can be washed safely in the machine. 

Easy to clean

Choose rugs that can be cleaned easily. It will save you time. Again, it will not cause any loose fiber of the rug.

Gram per square meter

GSM or gram per meter is an important factor. It will describe the weight of the material in grams per square meter. You should also take this into your consideration. As rugs with high GSM will be plush, thicker, and absorbent whereas low GSM rugs will be lightweight and not that absorbent also.

FAQs on Best Bathroom Rugs

  1. What is the ideal time to wash off my bath rugs?

You can wash off your bath rugs more frequently to keep them away from mildew or bacterial growth. So, give them a wash at an interval of every two weeks.

  1. Is bamboo bath mat water absorbent?

No, the bamboo bath mat is not that absorbent like fabric plush bathroom rugs. 

  1. What to choose between bath rugs and bath mats?

Though both the bath rugs and bath mats are used for almost the same purpose, the bath mats are more functional. While the bath rugs are functional, more absorbent, and provides your bathroom with a luxurious look. Along with their fluffy appearance, they appear super soft and cozy underfoot. 

  1. Where should you put your bathroom rugs?

Well, the larger one can be set in front of the bathtub. If you have a double sink, you can also put the large size bath rug before that.

Again, small bath rugs look fabulous before a single sink or toilet. You can customize them according to your need if you have space to do that.

  1. What can I do for the care and Maintenance of bathroom rugs?

The care and maintenance are different for each type of rug. But the following are the basic steps that you can follow:

  • Simply shake the rug to remove all the dirt and entrapped debris
  • Follow the care label instructions of the specific rug to clean up properly
  • Though many of the modern rugs are safe for machine-wash, use a low heat setting so that the backing of the bathroom rugs may not be damaged. Again, make sure you use enough heat to kill the bacteria and mildew.
  • Don’t use bleaching agents. Simply mild detergent and warm water is enough to wash them properly.

The Last Word

We have come up with a list of the best bathroom rugs trending in the current year. We already have discussed the material, size, backing technology, and care of the bathroom rugs so that it may help you to take a proper decision before a worthy purchase. Enjoy your shopping with our recommended products. 

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