Top 7 Best Tie Dye Kits of 2023 Review and Buying Guide!

You might want to give yourself a nostalgic feeling by creating new crafts. For this purpose, nothing comes in handy rather than tie dyeing. You can easily tie dye your shoes, old favorite tees, pillowcases, and blankets with this simple technique and have fun from all of doing these. 

Throw beautiful summer bashes with tie dyeing! Whether you are a newbie to this or want to make your kids familiarized with this funny technique, you should go with the best tie dye kits trending in the market right now!

Here, we have come up with 11 tie dye kits that are now trending in the market. Check out the products and buying guide with the FAQ based on thousands of questions from tie dye enthusiasts like you!

List of The 7 Best Tie Dye Kits

1. Best Tie Dye Kits on the Best Budget: Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

Drop the ultimate pool party with your neighbors with this extra-large tie dye kit from Tulip. It is a perfect match for your party. If you are on a budget and want to dye a large project, then nothing will be great than this tie dye kit.

Customers rated this product with extra stars as they dye large projects without spending a lot of bucks. Dyes are completely safe for machine washing. The outcome will be vibrant that will overwhelm your heart.

No pre-soaking is needed nor any requirement of soda ash. Just add water to activate the color, and you are ready to go! Some users liked this kit for their kids as they perfectly dyed their shirts very easily. 

Product Highlight:

Highly concentrated non-toxic dyes are packed in 6 extra-large 16 oz bottles. Vibrant popular colors are available. It is claimed that 72 projects can be done with this kit. You can create not less than 8 formats. You will also get 6 pairs of gloves along with 50 rubber bands.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for even extra-large projects
  • Easy to use
  • 6 Vibrant colors are available
  • Plenty of dyes available for 72 projects
  • No need of soda ash

2. Best Tie Dye Kits for Kids: Rainbow Tie Dye Kits


Kids always find fun in tie dyeing their tees in summer. Like other guardians, you must keep in mind that the dyes your kids are using are completely safe and non-toxic.

So, for such purpose, no kit can be as good as this kit from Tulip. The dyes are completely free from heavy metals, carcinogenic amines, and acids that will not do any harm to your kids.

This kit features 18 colors packed in easily squeezable bottles. There are plenty of just add to water dyes. Also, this is a one-step dyeing process that eliminates the need to soak up your piece in soda ash.

A detailed instruction guide is provided with it so that your kids can easily manage their stuff. Dyes are safe both for machine wash and wear. 

Like the other tie dye kits, it claims to use cotton, rayon or natural fiber products to tie dye. Synthetic products don’t show that much vibrant results. After washing their color looks fade.

So, it will be good to go with natural fiber products. Make sure to use these dyes within 24 hours to get the best results. 

Product Highlight:

18 vibrant and bright colors are available with this kit. Gloves, rubbers, detailed guide everything you will get with this tie die kit. You will get everything to do tie dye.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic and safe dyes
  • Everything is provided to do tie dye
  • Super easy and quick process
  • No need of soda ash or pre-soaking
  • Dyes are machine washable

3. Best Mini Tie Dye Kits: Tulip Mini Tie Dye Kits


If you are planning for a smaller project, or you are a newbie to the tie dye process and dare to waste money in dyeing with no result then this kit is just for you. You can use this mini size tie dye kit to give it a trial. Though it comes with 2 dyes in a package, you can definitely mix them up to create your own custom dye.

This cute mini tie dye kit offers different colors including neon, fiesta, preppy, princess, and patriot. Choose the one which suits you best. 

Product Highlight:

This kit comes with 2 colors in mini squeeze bottles, 5 rubber bands along with 2 protective gloves. A detailed full color guide is also packed with it.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Smaller size
  • Perfect for small projects
  • Easy to use
  • The better outcome with a few bucks

4. Best Tie Dye Kits for Black Color: Tulip Black Tie Dye Kits


Enjoy a fantastic experience with this tie dye kit from Tulip. Tulip has brought a single color kit that would meet your demand without spending more from your pocket. This product comes in a 0.21 oz bottle with single colors. Of course, many other colors are also available here. You can grab them according to your need and create your custom design.

I think, by now, you have already known about these kinds of products use ready-made dyes. So, you need not do much. You need not use any salt or pre-soak fabric in soda ash. Mix the dye with water and you’re ready to go!

Product Highlight:

0.21 oz pre-filled single easy squeezable bottles come in a single color along with rubber bands, plastic gloves set and a detailed instruction guide. This kit is available in 10 different colors like fuchsia, green, purple, blue, orange, yellow, turquoise, teal etc. Grab according to your need.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Enough dye for smaller projects

5. Best Reverse Tie Dye kits: Tulip Reverse Tie Dye


Instead of adding color, you are removing color from your pieces, wouldn’t that sound amazing? Thanks to the reverse tie dye kit. With this kit, you’ll get 4 bottles of color changing solutions to destroy the base color of the fabric. You can think of doing this rather with bleach. But it’ll be a great fun and much safer process if you give this product a go rather than use bleaching agents! 

You’ll get a complete guide to the product. What you have to do is just tie up your project with a rubber band like the traditional tie dyeing process and add the color changer solution instead of color.

Keep the project with the solution for enough time until you get your desired result. Then wash it off and let it dry and you’re pretty much ready to go! This product does its job perfectly. 

Customers recommended adding warm water with the powder provided in the bottle for better activation of the chemicals. Depending on the fabric you use, you may have varied kinds of results.

But like the other kits, natural products like cotton, wool, silk, and rayon will give amazing results. Take the traditional tie dye process to another level with this kit!

Product Highlight:

This tie dye kit comes with 4 bottles of color changer solution along with rubber bands, gloves and a complete instruction guide.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Creates the more fashionable look
  • This differs from the traditional tie dye
  • Easy to use

6. Best Tie Dye Kits for Beginners: Ultimate Summer Bundle


It is not any wonder that Tulip has always been a favorite brand for creative crafts lovers. With this kit, you’ll get 30 different colors that can dye up to 90 projects. Such a huge number of projects can be easily done with the massive color selection opportunity. 

This kit is the first choice for beginners to start with tie dyeing. You don’t need to pre-soak fabric in soda ash or add salt to the dye water. You just need to follow the instructions properly, tie up the fabric with rubber bands and apply the pre-prepared colors by mixing them with water. 

From the 8 different patterns, choose the one that suits your personality! There are so many options for colors. As a beginner, it’ll also be easy to create your custom color according to your choice. So, without any further due, give it a try and see the magic!

This one is a perfect product for sizzling up your backyard bashes or summer camps with bold and colorful enjoyment.  Customers are highly recommended this product for its amazing results! 

Product Highlight:

The product comes with 30 trending colors along with 100 rubber bands, 10 pairs of gloves and plastic surface cover and an inspiration guide. More than 90 projects can be done with this product.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Dyes more than 90 projects
  • Great value for the money
  • Perfect for a larger project
  • A go to product for beginners
  • Easy to use

7. Best Tie Dye Kits For Party: 15-Color Party Kit


This is another tie dye kit from Tulip. It has enough dyes for dyeing shirts for 5 people. Though it claimed that it can do only 5 but some users said that they had enough leftover dyes for dyeing another 5 shirts!

You will get all the supplies except the shirt. You don’t need to pre-soak the fabric in soda ash before dyeing. Just mix water with the color and yes, decorate your tees in different styles. The colors are machine washable. They won’t come off with repeated wash and wear. 

Product Highlight:

This tie dye kit comes with 15 easy-squeezable bottles with enough colors for five persons. Different demandable colors are provided with it. Grab the deal on such a low budget!

Reasons to Buy:

  • Great value for money
  • Ease of use
  • No soda requires
  • Dyes are machine safe
  • Colors don’t fade with wash and wear

What to Look For While Buying Best Tie Dye Kits? 

Non-toxic colors

Non-toxic colors should be the primary choice when you’re thinking of buying a tie dye kit. With this, you’re directly putting colors on your tees or favorite sweat-shirt or bed sheets. They remain in touch of your skin. When it is the question of our skin, then we should be much more careful. 

If you are purchasing a tie dye kit for your kids, then you have to be very careful about the dyes whether they are toxic or non-toxic. You should go for dyes that don’t contain any heavy metals, toxic acids, or carcinogenic amines in them.

Kids are pure souls, they don’t understand everything. What if, they put some of color in their mouth regarding this thing as edible? The colors will attract them and so you have to be very careful about choosing the right one for them.

No Soda Ash

Soda ash is a chemical that helps to fix the dye in the fabric. It is used in the factory for bulk production. But the crafts lovers tie dye their projects for getting fun. So, while any kit requires pre-soaking of fabric in soda ash, don’t go for that. It seems an extra work for you. 

With this extra work, you might not get the fun to do this. If you are choosing tie dye kit for your kids, then better you go for ready to use tie dye kit. As soda ash is a chemical that is basic salt, kids should be used them under strong observation. So, it would be better if you avoid soda ash. 

If you want to buy any tie dye kit with soda ash, then choose something that comes with the soda ash you required. Otherwise collecting soda ash, then use of it will be a big hassle for you.

Easy processing

Tie-dye is a dyeing technique that is used for fun activities in summer. This dyeing should be an easier process. If it includes tons of work, then it might not be that funny.

Look for a kit that includes steps like just adding water and activating the color. After the preparation, apply the colors to your stuff and you are ready to go!

If you’re a novice to tie dyeing and dare to take this fun, a go to easy guide is here: What is Tie Dye? 4 Easy Steps to DIY Tie Dye!

Vibrancy of color

Go for high quality, vibrant, vivid and bright colors or pigments. In this technique we are creating our custom designs only with the colors.

So, if the colors are not that bright, after washing the final result of your project will be patchy or faulty. They will not look as good as you think. A pale shade is not required in case of tie dyeing. 

Wash ability

Wash ability is another important factor to look for. If the colors come off with washing, then what’s the point of tie dyeing, right? So, choose dyes that are machine washable. So that you can easily throw your stuff in the washer.

FAQs on Best Tie Dye Kits

  • What type of fabrics would be good for tie dyeing?

For tie dyeing natural fibers like cotton, rayon, wool or silk type fabric would be the best. These dyes can’t sink into them properly.

  • Can 50% cotton and 50% polyester be dyed with this?

Yes, of course, you can tie dye cotton blended fabrics. But the color will be more vibrant in the case of only cotton made products.

  • Do I need to bleach the existing colors before tie dyeing?

Bleaching before tie dyeing is not recommended. As it can’t remove all the base color from the fabric. So, you can use colors from the same family which is used for the base color for that fabric. It may help you somewhat if you want to produce a darker shade. Otherwise, using other colors rather than the base color family can make the color look brown or pale.

The Last Word

We have listed the best tie dye kits available in the market right now. We spend a lot of time in research and prepared this list for you. You can choose from them according to your need. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed with our picks. So, grab your perfect match!

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