Top 8 Best Fabric Paints of 2023 Review and Buying Guide!

The Best Fabric Paints are go to products for most craft lovers. Fabric painting has always been an enjoyable task through which one can express his imagination like the paint flows. But the persons who are newbies to this process might get it difficult to choose what type of fabric paint is perfect for their specific projects. 

If the quality of the fabric print is not good or if you don’t apply the paint that is intended for that specific fabric, then you will end up doing the patchy painting.

So, we have enlisted the best fabric paints for your convenience so that you can do a worthy purchase.

Let’s dive in……

The List of The 8 Best Fabric Paints

1. Best for all Projects: Jacquard Textile 8 Color Set

No matter you want to do any DIY project, school project, shoe painting, upholstery or just want to paint your favorite t-shirts, nothing can beat jacquard colors. Jacquard color is one of the best fabric paints on our list.

You will get primary colors as well as secondary colors in it. If you want, you can customize your new colors by mixing primary colors. You may have red, green, yellow, sapphire blue, violet, black and white colors as well. 

Thousands of customers highly recommend this paint set due to its butter like smooth application. They also like it for its opacity. The manufacturer said that they are semi-opaque but you can customize up to full opacity. This fabric paint adheres to the project very well that won’t come off even after several times of washing. 

This fabric paint set has earned extra stars for its vibrant and vivid colors. It is also easy to use. All you need is just an applicator, and you are ready to paint like professionals. Many textile professionals love jacquard colors due to the ease of blending, opacity and softness it leaves after painting. 

Some users think it to be somewhat thick in the bottle but enough spreadable while you are doing your project. If you want a thin consistency, feel free to mix it up with water.

This product is ASTM D4236 certified which describes this is free from any chronic health hazards and non-toxic. Feel free to use this product, it won’t harm your health. 

Product Highlight:

You will get 8 different colors available in this packaged in a set. Per bottle of textile paint contains 2.25 ounces of fluid. It is confirmed by ASTM D4236. It is packed with primary and secondary colors.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic paint and free from chronic health hazard
  • Vibrant and semi-opaque color
  • Ease of blending
  • Not so thick 
  • Easily spreadable
  • Easy of application
  • Leaves the fabric soft and supple
  • Machine washable
  • doesn’t fade out with multiple washing
  • Suitable for leather, wood, paper, natural as well as synthetic fibers

2. Best for Denim: Arteza Permanent Fabric Paint


Tired of wearing your old jeans for a long time? Want to fix your wore out jacket? Then customize your own with the best fabric paints from ARTEZA. 

This semi-transparent fabric paint dries soft on the denim. This is not the only product for denim, it goes pretty well on cotton, linen, leather and even canvas. You just need to set the colors with iron for a permanent effect. Paint doesn’t peel, crack or drip off just stays intact even after several laundering or wearing. 

You can definitely paint on kid’s items as the colors are non-toxic. ASTM certifies that they will not mess up with any health issues. Users love this product a lot as this high quality paint works beautifully on their denim or jackets without cracking. 

Product Highlight:

ARTEZA multi-colored fabric paint comes in 24 different shades. You will get 2 metallic, 4 neon along with 18 classic fabric paint all in this one kit. These water-proof colors come in a 60 ml bottles. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic
  • Keeps fabric soft and supple
  • Semi-transparent colors
  • Paint will be intact even after repeated wash and wear
  • Paint dries quickly without peeling or cracking
  • No health hazards nor any safety issues with this product as it is ASTM certified
  • ARTEZA offers a free product replacement if you don’t like the product

3. Best Soft Fabric Paint: Tulip 20403 Soft Fabric Paint


If your concern is cracking or flaking off the paint while moving to wear your favorite t-shirt or painted gym out-fit, then you should check this product out. This fabric paint uses a water-based formula that’s why, it gets a bit runny so dries pretty soft and leaves the paint flexible on top of your clothing.

It provides a matte look without any shine or dampness. It has tiny little glitter bits that resemble the sparkle of snow. 

The white glue like glitter paint works effectively on t-shirts, jeans, handkerchiefs, car seats or your favorite office chair as well. This paint greatly works on lighter as well as darker fabrics with high opacity.

But to build the opacity, you might need to coat more than one layer. While doing so, be careful. Otherwise you may end up with brittle and stiff paint that may result in over application of the fabric paint.

The use of this product is quite easier. Pre-wash the fabric and apply coats of this paint on the fabric. Allow time in between the layers. Then dry it for several hours and iron it properly. You’re ready to go!

Tulip is not a new term if you are a craft lover. You all know that unlike the other colors, this paint is also a non-toxic and health hazard-free formula. 

If you are a newbie to fabric paint, don’t worry. The task will be easier than your thoughts. You have several options open to you, pick brushes, use a sponge, or design precisely with stencil or stamping. 

Customers love this fabric paint as the paint goes a long way even after several washes. 

Product Highlight:

This water like transparent glitter white glue comes in a 4 ounces bottle. It is permanent paint that works better on any kind of clothing. It comes in single bottles. But it has more than two dozen of colors, so pick the one according to your need. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Permanent soft paint
  • Quickly dries pretty soft and flexible
  • Can be watered down to create water color effect
  • Paint moves with fabric without cracking or flaking off
  • Provides higher opacity as you need
  • Works greatly on not only light but also dark fabrics
  • Any applicator can be used such as brush, sponge, stencil or stamp

4. Best Fabric Markers: Fabric Markers Pens


If you want a precise design on your fabric, then a fabric marker will help you doodling and sketching the intricate outline to create your desired masterpiece on the fabric. This 24 pack professional-grade fabric marker set comes in a variety of colors including earth, rainbow, and even fluorescent colors. 

This marker set helps you to customize your DIY arts and crafts with deeply pigmented German fabric dye ink. This ultimately ended up with the highest color pigment retention that makes it long-lasting.

No matter you are doing pro-grade calligraphic writing or outlining your creative decorating on your stuff, this fabric paint will help you with its fine writer bullet tips. 

From the artist to the armature or kid, this would be the best bang for the bucks as a starter kit. This non-toxic and less messy painting process makes it suitable for your kids.

From clothing to sneakers, you can give your creativity a shine with this stuff. This will provide beautiful paint that would be lightfast, weather or washer-proof that won’t fade out the color easily. No light, weather or aging can alter the coloring effects of the markers.

Though this marker is said to be non-bleeding but no markers can truly paint without slight edge bleeding. The customer resolves this issue by pressing the marker slightly on intricate design with much attention.

Some customers work on this by putting blocks in between the fabric layers to avoid any leakage. But this is not any major issue because the whole fabric is an absorbent material, so do paint carefully to get a fine artwork.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic vivid color formula
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Paint is lightfast, weather and washer-proof
  • Variety of colors available
  • Fine bullet tips provide detailed work
  • Contains pigmented German fabric paint
  • Less messy process
  • This kit is children safe

5. Best Water-Resistant Paint: Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting


When it comes to the point about water-resistant paint, nothing can beat this acrylic paint from ARTISTRO. This paint is a big hit to all the professionals and craft lovers. These use highly pigmented Italian acrylic ink that dries quickly and leaves a matte finish with a great appearance. 

The most amazing fact is it can be used on almost any kind of surface. Yes, lovelies, you have heard right. It works on a varied range of surfaces like rock, stone, ceramic, glass, wood, canvas, mug, plastic, fabrics and any kind of textiles. Thousands of customers love this product as it is extremely resistant to not only water but also color vanishing and scratch. 

No matter you pour water or abrade the paint against anything, the paint will be intact. The marker pens have medium tips that allow you to create stunning artwork with both of the fine details and accomplishing the large areas. 

If you are looking for permanent, extremely durable and water-resistant fabric paint, then the users highly recommend to pick this one to create your masterpiece within a short time. 

Product Highlight:

This ARTISTRO color kit comes with 12 marker pens. The Italian inks are highly water-resistant. Pens are provided with medium tips that can create a line size of 2 mm. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Extremely resistant to water
  • Resistant to color fading or rubbing
  • Uses Italian acrylic ink
  • Ink dries soft that won’t crack
  • Provides super matte finish 
  • Multi-tasking kit, suitable for all kinds of surfaces
  • Great value for the money 
  • Provides with medium tips that suits both detailed fine arts and filling of large areas.

6. Best for Crafts: Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set


If you are craft loving person, this thick creamy Montmarte acrylic paint will be your perfect match! A little of this paint will go a long run for you with great coverage. You won’t need to wait for layering as it dries super quick to get your work done without any color blurring. 

This multi-tasking it is supposed to use on a variety of surfaces like wood, plastic, air-dried clay, cardboard, leather, fabric or even on paper. Completely kid-friendly set as the colors are non-toxic and ASTM-D4236 provides certification to this kit. 

Thousands of customers highly rated this product due to the quality as well as the quantity of the colors. The users also love how this acrylic paint works great on a variety of surfaces.

Product Highlight:

This acrylic paint comes in 36 ml plastic tubes. This 24 color paint set ends up with an exterior glossy finish that will provide a great outlook. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic colors
  • Kid-friendly
  • Free from chronic health hazards
  • Thick creamy texture
  • High quality tons of colors are provided
  • Great value for the money
  • Suitable for variety of surfaces like wood, fabric, leather, plastic, plaster, air-dried clay etc.

7. Best for Glowing Effect in the Dark: Tulip 17581 Dimensional Metallic Fabric Paint


Again Tulip has created its place right in our list. They have come up with colors that glow in the dark. Upgrade your painting skill to another level regardless of time day or night. The painting that glows in the dark is always been a point of enthusiasm for kids. 

This non-toxic color formula doesn’t crack or peel off. Rather it provides a long-lasting effect when laundered. The colors glow brightly at UV and black light. 

Some users found it glows brightly when charges in the sunlight. It works great on t-shirts, backpacks, posters, glass, and wood. 

Product Highlight:

Tulip comes with 6 pack non-toxic and glowing colors in 1.25 ounce bottle. Unit count of each of the products is 1. Metallic, puffy, shimmer color, glow, crystal, slick and more on, you will get everything according to your wish.

Reasons to Buy:

  • For detail artwork, super fine tips are given
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Color doesn’t peel, crack or drip off
  • Easy application with squeeze bottle
  • Not only clothing but also a canvas, poster, glass can be painted
  • Colors that glows brightly 

8. Best paint for 3D fabric: Arteza 3D Fabric Paint


Adding 3 dimension texture to the clothing is no more new to us. Customize your project with tons of assorted colors that puff and provide a stunning stand out look. If you are a person who has temptation for such raised painting effects on your stuff, then Arteza fabric paint will do the job perfectly for you.

You can magnificently draw thick, thin or even multiple lines with the provided 16 extra tips. This is not only the paint for clothing, shoes, backpack, glass or ceramic surfaces can be painted to give a stand out effect.

This kit has certification of ASTM D-4236 and EN71 that complies it is completely free from any chronic health hazards. No doubt that kids can accomplish their projects with this paint. 

This non-toxic paint is machine washable and extremely durable to any kind of wear and aging. Customers love this product for its rich and vibrant colors that results in a great looking puffy paint on the project.

They have rated this with high stars because of its quantity, once they completed a project, they have tons of colors left for doing other projects. 

Product Highlight:

This product offers you 30 colors that come in a 30 mm bottle. You will get 16 vibrant, 7 metallic, 1 glow-in-the-dark, 5 fluorescent, and 1 glitter shade. Two sets of 16 extra tips are given to customize your painting outline. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic colors
  • Tons of colors for large projects
  • Rich and vibrant colors
  • Creates puffy texture that stand out perfectly
  • Extremely durable
  • Machine washable
  • Kid friendly
  • ASTM D-4236 and EN71 certified that ensures it is free from any chronic health hazards
  • If any problem happens, they would offer a replacement of this product

What should you go for Fabric Painting or Fabric Printing?

Fabric painting nowadays becomes a trending task. However, if you want colorful effects on your clothing, then you might be confused between conventional printing, digital printing or fabric painting. So, which one is convenient for you, right? Have a quick look:

  • Fabric painting doesn’t requires any screen or block
  • Painting don’t need any thickeners
  • Tons of chemicals are not required
  • No need of any high quality set up which is a must for digital printing
  • Painting process is not that messy.
  • There is no limitation in designs with fabric painting

So, going for fabric painting is much easier and time saving than the printing process. You just need the best fabric paints and you’re ready to go!

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Forms of Best Fabric Paints

Alcohol based Fabric Paint

Alcohol based fabric paint contains alcohol in it. It is used for non-porous fabrics otherwise it will drain through the fabric. As most of our textile products are porous, this fact limits the use of alcohol based fabric paint.

Low saturation and lack of rich vibrancy in color is often seen in alcohol based fabric paint. You need to build up the tone according to your choice by adding more of it. Dark colors can’t go that well with this paint as they have light brightness. 

But it works amazingly on non-porous fabric. Alcohol acts as a binder for this kind of paint. So, it helps to develop a stunning outlook over your non-porous substrate.

Acrylic Fabric Paint

Acrylic fabric paint is nothing but an acrylic polymer emulsion. The mixture of acrylic polymer and pigment is being emulsified afterward with water to get the perfect consistency to serve as fabric paint.

Acrylic fabric paints are extremely long-lasting. They can bind well with the fabric. So, color won’t fade even with repeated laundering. In garment industries, acrylic color is used extensively for its long time durability. 

Not only fabric but also various surfaces like wood, plastic, ceramic, air-dried clay etc goes very well with acrylic fabric paint.

Checklist Before Purchasing The Best Fabric Paints

Non-toxic and health hazard free paint is must to go!

The paint you use on the fabric should be non-toxic and the color should conforms to ASTM D-4632. This provides a certification that the paint won’t harm you or cause you any health issues. 

Most of the time, our painted fabric items stay close to our body skin. So, it they are toxic, our skin will also get toxins easily. If the paint is non-toxic, then kids may use the paint for their projects without any hesitation.

Paint should not crack, peel or drip off

The paint done on the cloth should not crack nor peeling or dripping off is appreciable. If it occurs, the paint won’t be that stunning! So, look for paints that go soft on the fabric without making it too harsh or stiff.

Temperature control

Temperature is a crucial fact if you want to make your paint last longer. After the painting is done, it is a challenging question to use to keep the paint intact. So heat set your fabric after the painting is done. A good quality paint doesn’t need much heat. But poor quality paint requires too much heat to set the paint with the fabric.

Rich and vibrant color is a must

The color should be rich and vibrant. With a single coat of fabric paint, you should get maximum coverage. 

Long-lasting and durable color

The best fabric paints must be durable and should go a long way. You don’t want your fabric paint to fade away easily, right?

Colorfastness will be a top priority

The colors must be fast to wear, wash, aging, weather, bleaching and all. Colorfastness is an important aspect for fabric paint. You don’t want the color of your paint gets vanished with any wear or sunlight, right?

FAQs on Best Fabric Paints

  • How long paint stays on the fabric?

If you properly care for your painted fabric, it will last a few years.

  • Can I use acrylic paint on fabric?

Yes, definitely you can use acrylic paints on fabric. Even acrylic paint works very well on fabric. It lasts long, dries quickly and creates a vibrant and vivid outlook.

  • Can you wash your painted fabric?

You must use a water-resistant and permanent fabric paint. If you use permanent fabric paint, then you can wash them, no worry!

Wrapping it up!!

Show up your creativity with different projects along with our best fabric paints. You can definitely use the paints on your textile or clothing projects. Hopefully, you get all the information that you actually need. 

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