Top 5 Best Fabric Refresher of 2023 Review and Buying Guide!

Home is the corner of our peace that witnesses our emotions, happiness and sorrow. The ambiance of this should be calming and refreshing. For keeping the domestic atmosphere refreshing, a fabric refresher is a must have. I have enlisted some best fabric refresher trending in the market right now so that you can make your beautiful house smell like heaven.

You may think of masking the odor with sprays that come in a tini-tiny bottles. But it won’t last long. So, you need something like a fabric refresher to overpower the odor. 

While you have set up your mind for a fabric refresher, here starts another confusion of what to choose for linen or silk upholstery, carpets or even car seats and so on. 

To mitigate your confusion, I have researched every single product thoroughly and come up with 5 best fabric refresher. 

Have a look below at these products and check the buying guide along with a FAQ that is based on the questions of thousands of customers like you. It will give you a clear idea of quality purchases.

List of The 5 Best Fabric Refresher

1. Best Overall: Febreze Fabric Refresher

Odor is a fact for which just masking is not enough, right? You need something that can actually clean up the odor from your stuff. How do you feel about it having a quick spray that is enough to mask all odor from the heavy duty fabric without washing?

The Febreze fabric refresher and unstoppable fabric refresher not only mask the odor rather the fine particles in these mist penetrates deep into the fabric to eliminate odor. For customers who are using fabric refreshers, Febreze is not a new name. Rather it is one of the best bands for fabric freshers.

Washing heavy upholstery, curtains and carpets is a long tiring task, isn’t it? But don’t worry, this combo pack of fabric refresher and odor eliminator will perfectly do the job of removing odor from them while leaving a fresh laundry smell without any need of washing them.

The extra strength bottle will uplift the freshness of your fabric with a blast of sparkling fragrance while the unstoppable one leaves a bold and strong fresh smell masking all odor from any heavy duty fabric that lasts longer.

No matter pet odor, body odor, stinks from shoes or you want to liven up your living area, this one is a perfect match for you. Curtains, carpets, heavy upholstery, soft furry rugs, bathroom rugs everything you can liven up with it.

Customers highly preferred this combo for its long-lasting good smell. This product is rated the highest for its efficacy. It is one of the best and must have products for any home. 

The only sacrificing point is, it can’t be used on leather, suede or silk fabric. These fabrics are prone to catch water spots so avoid using them.

Product Highlight:

It comes in two spray bottles, and each of the bottles has 27 ounces of product. The one extra strength bottle has a fresh light scent whereas the unstoppable bottle has a bold and strong fragrance to eliminate the odor. It does the job perfectly for upholstery, curtains, carpets and many more. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Extremely long-lasting effects
  • The product comes with two bottles
  • It cleans away odor perfectly
  • It provides a fresh laundry scent and a fresh feel at home 
  • From upholstery to window treatments everything can be treated with this refresher.
  • It has double the scent power that will help in removing heavy odor
  • It covers all bad odor from fabric that is very difficult to wash
  • No matter the pet odor, body odor or any odor coming from the fabric, it is enough for all.

2. Best Laundry Scent Beads for Washer


Do you want a fresh feel every time you wear your favorite suit? Just toss some beads of this Downy Unstoppable wash booster in your washing machine, you will get a fresh feel every time you wear your dress that lasts up to 12 weeks.

These small scent beads can be used on all of the fabrics of all colors. Enjoy a delightfully fresh scent each time with it. 

Customers love these beads for their fresh scent. But a sacrificing point is that some users had allergic reactions to it as it uses dye and perfume. 

Product Highlight:

Downy unstoppable scent booster beads come in a 20.1-ounce bottle. It has a delightful fresh scent in it.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Leaves the fabrics with a fresh scent
  • Can be used in any high temperature washing machine.
  • Vibrant and fresh airy scent which is very refreshing
  • Provides long-lasting freshness to the fabric

3. Best Antibacterial Fabric Refresher: Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray


When it is crucial timing going on around the whole world for COVID-19 crisis, antibacterial products are a must have for all of us. Nothing would be so great if you are offered a fresh scent along with an antibacterial property in a single product!

This antibacterial fabric refresher from Tide is specially designed for this assignment. It can not only be used for domestic purposes but also it is ideal for hospitals, hotels and industries. 

It has dimethyl Ammonium Chloride as an active ingredient which is a broad spectrum bactericidal and fungicidal and used as a disinfectant. It sanitizes the fabrics while leaving an aloe fresh scent. 

It kills 99.9% of bacteria. It can kill staphylococcus aureus, salmonella enterica, escherichia coli, and proteus mirabilis when the surface is hard and non-porous. When applied on a soft fabric, it can kill enterobacter aerogenes, staphylococcus aureus.

It can be used on car seats, couches, bedding, dog beds, and towels to sanitize as well as to impart freshness. This fast-working spray is super convenient and kills the bacteria which are responsible for odor.

Customers rated it with stars as it does its duty perfectly of killing the micro-organism while leaving the fabrics with aloe freshness. 

Product Highlight:

This product comes in a 12.36 x 11.38 x 3.11 inches spray bottle. You will get a 4.13-ounce product. It is enriched with a fresh aloe-vera scent.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Sanitize products
  • Kills 99.9% bacteria that causes odor
  • Leaves a decent fresh smell
  • Acts as disinfectant
  • It can be used not only at home but also in hospitals 

4. Best Multi Tasking Fabric Refresher: Downy Wrinkle Releaser Fabric Spray


If you are a working person, no time to iron your dress and seek a solution for crinkle, just spray this fabric refresher before stepping out and you will thank this product later. This product will be a great companion in your busy life. 

Sometimes our life becomes so hectic that we don’t get enough time for getting our work done properly. It will be a cherry on the cake if you get ironing aid, odor elimination, wrinkle removing and static removing benefits in a single fabric refresher.

In no time this fabric refresher can free your fabric from wrinkles except any hassle of calendaring or ironing. It can also be used as anti-static spray. 

This downy fabric refresher has a fiber relaxer as an active ingredient along with perfume in it, Fabric relaxer lowers down the surface tension of water covering more fibers that naturally reduces the appearance of wrinkles making the fabric more pliable. 

While making the dress look neat, it gives a splash of light scent to the fabric. It is also good to go with tablecloths, sheets, curtains, bedding, pillowcase etc.  

Working women customers highly rated this product as it saves their time to make their appearance neat and smells fresh. It will be a great final touch up product for students, travelers, working persons and so on. 

Product Highlight:

Downy wrinkle releaser refresher comes in a package of two bottles. In total you will get 67.6 ounces of fluid in it. It has a light fresh scent.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Time saving 
  • Cost effective
  • Removes bad odor from fabric
  • It refreshes fabric with light sweet smell
  • It is a good static remover
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkle and crinkle
  • No requirement of ironing

5. Best for Pet Odor: ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator for Home


If you are on the quest for a solution for your pet odor, nothing can be a good match than this. It is a strong and powerful pet deodorizer. It has a strong orange smell that helps to mask all the odor caused for pets. 

No matter if you are worried about dog pee, cat urine or any pet stain, the strong orange smell is quite enough for all of these. A little amount of this spray is enough for a longer way to go. Whether it is upholstery, wood, tiles, grass or carpets, don’t worry, you can use this spray to eliminate the odor instantly. 

You will love to use this angry orange refresher as a tough pet odor neutralizer and carpet cleaner. If you want any fabric refresher to eliminate dense odor from any of the crucial parts of your home, this product will serve you the best.

Customers highly recommend this product to those who have pets in their home. They love the freshly squeezed orange smell that lasts for a longer time. 

A thing to remember, it is not advised to apply the spray directly on the pet. Also, don’t use it in the diffuser or steamer. The product may not suit some pets which are sensitive to condensed scent. This thing is also reported by some of the customers.

Product Highlight:

Angry orange refresher comes in a 24 ounce bottle. It has a strong orange scent that covers all odor from your home.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Strong and powerful deodorizer
  • Can directly use on solid and pet waste
  • Eliminate dense odor from heavy duty fabrics
  • Ready to use, no need any mixing
  • Suitable for use on the wood, tiles, upholstery, carpet and curtains
  • Removes stain from the fabric

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Factors to Be Considered Before Purchasing Best Fabric Refresher

  • Allergic reaction 

Some fabric refreshers have dye particles or strong perfumes in it. But some people can’t breathe such a strong smell as a result they have horrible skin allergies. 

Sometimes the sprayed refresher stays in contact with our skin. So, thoroughly check if the fabric refresher causes any allergic reactions to your skin or not.

  • Suitability for particular fabric

Some fabric refreshers cause water spots on a particular type of fabric like leather, linen or silk. So, before purchasing fabric refresher, be sure if it is okay for your preferred fabric.

  • Multi-tasking property

Who doesn’t like additional facilities? If you get any anti-wrinkle or anti-static benefits in your fabric refresher, it would be great for saving your time. Like that if you get any anti-bacterial effect along with a fresh smell, it will keep your home safe from bacteria. 

So, choosing a fabric refresher with additional facilities will add value for you.

FAQs on Best Fabric Refresher

  • Do fabric refreshers kill germs?

If your fabric refresher has a disinfectant in it, then it can sanitize and kill most of the existing germs. 

  • How do fabric refreshers do their job?

Fabric refresher dissolves the odor molecules and prevents the odor receptor so that the odor molecules can’t get into your nostril. n baby mattresses. But it is appreciated if you check the anti-allergen property of the refresher and also check if it is free from any toxicity or dyes. While you are using it on a baby mattress, go for a light smell.

  • Is it safe to use a fabric refresher?

We can’t say all of the fabric refreshers are safe to use. Sometimes, added dye or perfume i

  • Can fabric refreshers be used on baby mattresses?

Yes, it is safe to use fabric refreshers on them causes visible irritation on sensitive skin. So, go through the ingredient list before a quality purchase.

To Wrap Up!

Overall Febreze fabric refresher is the best rated of all. But the other products also do their job perfectly. Choose your product according to your needs. Want an anti-static finish, go for a Downy fabric refresher. Want an anti-bacterial effect, go for the tide fabric refresher. Go through the information, you will definitely have a quality purchase that is worth your money for those 5 Best Fabric Refresher.

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