Top 5 Spray Dye for Fabric of 2023 Review and Buying Guide!

Spray dye for fabric becomes a fun fact for craft lovers. Dyeing is now no longer tough with spray dye form. Just simply place the spray bottle away from the stuff and create patterns according to your wish. It takes no longer time and within a few bursts of minutes, you are done with your project.

You may dye your t-shirts or favorite sofa, car seat, or door panel according to your choice. Now it is not as difficult as you think. So, we are here to guide you so that you can make a good purchase. After tons of hours, we have enlisted the below products of spray dye for fabric, a buying guide and FAQ segment is also set up for your better understanding of this product.

List of The 5 Best Spray Dye For Fabric.

1. Best For T-Shirts: Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color

When we’re talking about spray dye for fabric, then Tulip is a go to brand, no wonder. This aerosol spray dye for fabric evenly works on natural or synthetic fabrics. It is best suitable for t-shirts. But no matter whether you are doing different projects or DIY creations with clothing, this product will be a great choice.

It comes in a 3 oz bottle. This product is available in 32 different hues in classic, metallic and neon shades. You can pick colors according to your choice. 

It wonderfully works with monograms or stencils. You can create all over colored surfaces or dashes of colors. The color dries quickly without any drips or splatters and it provides a flexible and soft touch.

Whenever you want to renew your clothing or home décor products, we’ll recommend you this product. 

From t-shirts to home upholstery, it works very well and provides a beautiful finish. Customers rated it so high because of its maximum color appeal.

Again, you need not to work so hard. Just shake well and spray from 8 to 10 inches apart from your product. Don’t forget to iron, once your color dries up. It will help to set them perfectly. 

Don’t worry, even with repeated laundering, it proved to fix very well with the fabrics. With just a few seconds burst, you will get your old products in a newer look.

Product Highlight:

This is a single color package of 3 oz capacity. You will get to choose from 32 different hues. Metallic, neon, and classic shades are available with this package. Choose yourself according to your need.

Reasons to buy:

  • Dries quickly
  • Soft and flexible hand feel
  • Suitable for even coverage
  • Copes up very well with stencils
  • Blends well on the fabric
  • No dripping or splattering
  • Permanent color
  • Machine washable 

2. Best For Automotive Purpose: ColorBond BMW Cream Beige Refinisher


If you want to renew your specialized leather or plastic fabric item or just need to re-decor your car interior, nothing will work better than this product.

This product works great for leather, vinyl or hard plastic products. You can easily adore your dashboard, car seat, car door panel or even steering wheel with this product.

Whether you want to renew your car interior or want to customize it according to your choice, this one is a go to budget-friendly product that works at its best. 

As color is penetrated in the substrate, it won’t flake, drip, crack or peel rather adds a supple feel while spray dyeing your items, which adds extra stars to the product.

The most important parameter of this spray dye is it creates a molecular bond. This bond helps to seal the color perfectly that provides even coverage within just 10 minutes. 

Don’t use solvent cleaners, for maximum long-lasting effect, use the prep cleaner of the same brand. Thinking about marine use? This is designed for use even in any harshest weather.

You will get enough dye for use. A minimum of 4.5 ft2 area can be covered by a single can. Thousands of customers highly recommend this product for its longevity and stunning look creation. 

Product highlight:

This product comes in a 12 oz can in BMW cream beige color. Specifically, you can apply this spray dye to your car interior. This product is OEM specified.

Reasons to buy:

  • Extremely durable
  • Creates molecular bonds to seal color
  • Color won’t crake, flake or drip off
  • Suitable for any harshest weather
  • Provides even coverage that perfectly matches your car interior

3. Best For Upholstery: Dupli-Color Fabric Spray Dye


No matter you’re doing your projects to renew your car interior or want to define the look of your upholstery, this product has always been a top priority of thousands of customers.

This spray coating can easily be applied to plastic and vinyl fabrics. The color is tested by the vehicle manufacturer. No need for a primer, the color is formulated with maximum adhesion promoter that yields a factory finish look for your products. 

No matter you want to customize your upholstery, this is a cheap way for you to get your work done. It will give a colorful look with great durability. Thousands of customers highly recommend this product as it works great for them.  

Product highlight:

This product comes in flat black color packed in an 11 oz bottle. Plastic and vinyl surface is the best match for this product.

You will get 13 different hues including blue, burgundy, charcoal grey, desert sand, medium beige, red, medium blue, medium black etc. The package will come with an EZ touch conical nozzle.

Reasons to buy:

  • Color is tested by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Suitable for upholstery as well as automotive furnishing
  • Formulated with maximum adhesion promoter
  • Color won’t flake, crack or chip

4. Best For DIY Projects: SEI Classic Fabric Spray Dye


You can easily dye with these spray dyes like a professional. Every craft lover people can create their own colorful thoughts on the t-shirts with this spray dye for fabric.

You can customize your own by mixing different hues available in this kit. No need for any salt or soda nor do you need to mix it up. Just spray the color and let it dry followed by ironing to set the color perfectly. 

We consider this kit best for any DIY project. You can choose colors easily from the kit according to your need. Many customers rated this product for its durability and colorful appeal.

The color is machine washable. When the colored product is subjected to repeated washing, the color won’t come off. 

Product highlight:

This pre-mix fabric spray dye kit comes in different colors including neon assorted colors, galaxy, multi-color and mixed colors.

In every single package, you will get 8 colors available in 2 oz of the bottle. You can customize your own with the colors. The kit has enough spray dye to color up to 20 projects.

Reasons to buy:

  • Ready to use dye
  • No need for salt or soda ash
  • Non-toxic dye
  • You can easily clean up the dyes
  • Durable color even with repeated washing
  • This yields vibrant colors

5. Best Eco-Friendly Spray Dye: Tulip Permanent Fabric Spray Paint


You will get a lot of colors in a single kit. It produces bright vibrant colors on the fabric. Once you color your stuff, you will see that the dyeing comes out so soft and flexible. Even with repeated washing, they won’t fade. The dyes are eco-friendly and non-toxic. So, if you want to dye your kid’s item, you can definitely give it a go. 

Product Highlight:

This product is the perfect spray dye for fabric. This comes with non-toxic and non-aerosol neon colors. The kit comes with 7 packages with 24 ml spray bottles of neon colors. 

Reasons to buy:

  • Yields bright colors
  • Non-toxic dye
  • Eco-friendly dyes
  • Colors glow in the dark light
  • It can cover maximum 3o projects depending on the amount you use
  • Very easy to use
  • Great value for the money
  • Provides vibrant colors
  • Works great with stencils

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What to Look for While Choosing the Best Spray Dye for Fabric?

Quality of Dye

First priority of yours should be the quality of the dye. You should choose a good quality dye for your project. No matter you want to renew your favorite sofa or want to customize your car interior or even want a colorful t-shirt of yours, you need to pick the quality dye. If the quality of your dye is not that good, it may be ended up with a blotchy or patchy dyeing look.


Whatever you put on fabrics, it will remain the close contact with your skin. So, choose your stuff carefully. Your spray dye must be non-toxic, and free from metals or any kinds of acids.

Composition of Substrate

You need to check the composition of the fabric that you want to dye. Dye manufacturers market two types of dye either natural or synthetic.

Synthetic dyes are better than natural dyes as they stick perfectly to the substrate. For dyeing purposes, natural fiber is the best. But before buying any spray dye for fabric, check which surface recommendation is intended for that specific product.

For example, if you want to décor your car seat, you need to choose any product that can dye leather, vinyl or plastic surface. Whereas if you want to dye your favorite t-shirt, you can choose any dyes that can dye clothing.


Budget is a crucial fact. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, you should choose a budget-friendly product that would not compromise the quality. Pick the one that suits your pocket.

Color Choice

It is all up to you. You should choose the color according to your need. Source the perfect color that matches your project.

Long Term Durability

It is the most important fact. You don’t want to fade out the color of your product so easily. So, you need to choose the item that lasts for a longer time and doesn’t wash out even with repeated laundering.

Area You Cover

You need to be aware of how many pieces you will dye. This will help you to get an idea of how much area you need to cover up with the spray dye. It will help you to choose the right amount of dye for your project. 

Color Should not be Flake, Drip or Crack 

The spray dye for the fabric you use should not be flake, drip or crack. Think about it, if you dye your sofa and it cracks afterward. How would it look, not good, right? So, choose one that would not crack or flake and you will get an amazing finish.

FAQs on Spray Dye for Fabric

  1. What to do for removing spray dye from hair or skin?

If you are messed up with your color, wash with water and soap. With washing the color will come off from hair or skin.

  1. How to remove spray dye from fabric?

If the spray dye comes in contact with your clothing, it gets quite a difficult task to remove that all. These dyes are permanent, so they stick to the clothing.

If the stain is still wet, just remove them by washing it off with water and soap. But if it dries on the clothing, you need to dry clean this product. The solvent used in dry-cleaning, may wash off the stains. 

  1. What I need to do for an even spray?

First test on paper towels. Fully depress the spray mechanism to create an even spray.  A full pump produces mist. Partially depress the spray mechanism to spatter the paint.  The half pump creates a splatter effect. 

  1. How to unclog the spray bottle nozzle?

Rinse each of the times you use the spray bottle. If this not works, rinse it with hot water. You can also keep your bottle and nozzle in the hot water bath. After that pump the spray top to clean the spray mechanism.

  1. Which surface will be okay to put on the fabric before spraying?

Press the fabric before you start spraying. You can lay the fabric on a plastic or paper flat and smooth surface. It will help you to control the mess with color as overspray may occur at any time.

You can use a shirt board or cardboard can also be used and seal the fabric you want to dye with tape. It will definitely ease your task.

The Last Word

The above spray dye for fabric is trending right now on market. If you are thinking of dyeing your own stuff, then make a purchase with our recommendations and we’ll never disappoint you.

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