Top 5 Best Tie Dye Kits For Kids of 2023 Review and Buying Guide!

Tie dyeing is not a task, it’s all about having tons of fun! More or less most of us keep this part in our summer bucket list. Tie dyeing is not as messy as you’re thinking right now. It will be a great joyous moment to have summer bashes with all your family, kids and friends in tie dyeing process. But in market you’ll have many options open to you. So, it might be tricky to find out a worthwhile purchase. 

Don’t worry! After tons of hours of research, we have come up with our best tie dye kits for kids. Along with it, a buying instruction is given and a FAQ segment is set depending on the highly asked questions from thousands of customers like you.

Let’s dive deep…….

List of The 5 Best Tie Dye Kits For Kids

1. Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kits For Kids

Beat the summer bash with all of your partygoers with this tie dye kit. When we’re talking about tie dyeing, then Tulip is not an unknown brand to all of you. It is one of the best tie dye kit for kids.

Give your kid a surprise birthday gift with this kit. They will have a lot of fun using this kit and can enrich their level of creativity. This kit comes with 4 oz squeeze bottles that have highly concentrated dyes in them. Dyes are bright and fast to water. So, no fading with repeated washing.

Just add water and activate the dye. Then apply on to the fabric where no need to pre-soak the fabric and don’t use soda ash on the fabric. This kit comes with a complete guide so that you can follow them to tie dye properly.

The kit has enough supplies to dye up to 30 projects. Customers are satisfied with the results that won’t fade so easily. With this non-toxic and acid free dyes make sure your kids having fun in a safe environment! For best results cotton, rayon, wool etc natural fabric should be used. 

Product Highlight:

This tie dye kit comes with 5 mermaid colors, each stored in separate squeezable bottles. You will get supplies like 40 rubber, 8 plastic gloves and an instruction guide along with it. This tie dye supplies dye for up to 30 projects. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic and acid free dyes
  • No need of pre-soaking
  • No need of soda ash
  • Yields bright colors on the fabric
  • Enough supplies for over 30 projects
  • Colors are fast to machine wash and wear

2. AIPASA Tye Dye Kit For Kids


This AIPSA tie dye kit is the perfect kit for encouraging your kid’s creative mind. They can even be more productive on their science projects using this kit. The dyes are completely non-toxic and yield vibrant colored projects.

You’ll get 8 colors like Pink, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Turquoise, and Purple. Dyes come off from the skin easily with soaps, so don’t worry if your kid makes this a mess. This kit also provides protective gloves and rubber bands for your children’s safety.

You’ll just need to mix the dyes up with water and apply them to the fabric. A simple instruction is given with it for ease. Very simple to use and perfect for any occasion.

Product Highlight:

This package comes with 16 dye packs in 8 colors. 8 pairs of gloves and 40 rubber bands are also provided for your convenience. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic dyes
  • Beginner friendly
  • Perfect creative and unique design kit for kids above age 6.
  • Vibrant colors
  • Colors are fast to repeat wash and wear.
  • Colors easily come off the skin 
  • Perfect for gift

3. Sorlakar Tie Dye DIY Kit For Kids


Boost your children’s imagination with this kit from Sorlakar. Your kid will enjoy to tie dye with this kid. With this kit, the dyeing process will be very quick and simple. Just add water to the dye powder and apply on to your fabric that needs to be tied up! 

Don’t wash or soak your fabric in soda ash to avoid color fading as it has a strong decontamination ability. When you’re done with dye mixing with water, try to use them within 24 hours. Otherwise, the color won’t be as vibrant as it is! 

This kit is available in 12 color sets, 24 color sets, 3 color sets, and 5 color sets. So, choose according to your need. Dyes are colorfast to wash and wear. So, the color won’t fade with repeated washing. 

‘Tie dye kit for kids’ This line perfectly meets with this kit. It adopts all environmental materials and the dyes are non-toxic, acid free and yeah, definitely kids friendly! Every person of different ages can enjoy tie dyeing at a safe environment.  

Any craft lover can tie dye with this kit as it is simply beginner-friendly. Each of the colors is perfectly labeled for your convenience and you’ve already known about its easy application, so what to say? This kit is perfect for any group activity or DIY project. Like the others, use this kit on cotton, wool, and rayon kind of fabrics.

Product Highlight:

This tie dye kit comes in 5 colors in a 4.05 oz or 120 ml bottle. 8 plastic gloves and 40 rubber bands are also packed with them.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic dyes
  • Environment friendly
  • Perfect for boosting a child’s imagination
  • Permanent and excellent color fast paints
  • Color won’t fade with repeated washing
  • Easy to use
  • No need for soda ash
  • Great value for money

4. Riomhorry Tie Dye Kits For Kids


Create a colorful visual feast with this wonderful tie dye kit. This one will be one of the best on budget tie dye kits for kids. This kit comes with every single thing you need to tie dye. You’ll be amazed at how many supplies this kit has! 

You’ll have 26 colors with a lot of gloves and rubber bands and you can create any custom design with simple instructions. Here, aprons and tablecloths are also available for your kids’ safety so that they can’t make any mess with colors. Customers like the nozzle spray bottle that comes with this kit. This is because it makes the whole process quite easier. 

Operating this kit is easier than your thought. Just add water with the dye powder and create your custom design on the t-shirt. Don’t use soda ash to pre-soak your fabric.

No setting is required just keep your stuff sealed for several hours after dyeing. Wash them properly after the dyes are completely dry. You can create rainbow art along with your kids or friends and family with this great tie dye kit as it has enough supplies. 

Now coming to the question, is it safe for your kids or not? Then you can take this kit for your kid without any hesitation. This kit is comprised of environment-friendly materials and has the authentication of SGS and complies with ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards.

Make sure your kids having fun in a safe environment using this kid-friendly kit. This kit will work great on natural fabrics or their blends.

Product Highlight:

This large kit comes in 172 packs where you will get 26 tie dye colors that come in 26 squeeze bottles. You will also get 120 rubber bands and 20 gloves. The bonus point you’ll get 2 aprons for safety purposes along with 2 tablecloths, a color sticker and detailed instructions.

You’ll be happy to know that the kit offers you a gift “a spray bottle with a nozzle” which enables you to spray colors evenly.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Ease of operation
  • Non-toxic dyes
  • Environment-friendly
  • Completely Kids-friendly
  • This kit is certified with SGS and ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards
  • No need for heat setting
  • Salt or soda ash is not required
  • The large package includes everything needed to tie dye

5. Tie Dye Kits for Kids Super Easy to Use and Beginner Friendly


Collect your most desired memories in this spring break with this kit that is perfect for kids of all ages. This kit uses all the environment safe materials and the dyes are non-toxic, acid-free which makes it extremely suitable for people of all ages. 

The use is very easy. Just add water to activate this lovely kit. No pre-soaking is needed or no soda ash is required. The dyes are vibrant and fast to wash and wear. With repeated washing, your favorite tees won’t get faded. Like others, it would be better to use natural fibers like cotton, rayon, wool or natural blended fabrics. 

Celebrate any group activities like school camp, summer camp, or family reunion with this tie dye kit. 

Product Highlight:

With this kit, you’ll get 18 colors in each of the squeeze bottles along with 10 pairs of plastic gloves, and 120 rubber bands. The bonus point is 2 plastic table covers are also provided with it.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Non-toxic and acid free dyes
  • Pre-soaking or soda ash is not needed
  • Color won’t fade with repeated washings
  • Colors are safe for machine wash
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Bright and vivid colors

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What to Look for While Choosing the Best Tie Dye Kits for Kids?

While you’re choosing tie dye kit for kids, you need to be more careful. This is because, you definitely want your kids to have fun in a safe environment, right? So, here are the points you should consider.

  • A big no-no to soda ash

Soda ash has a decontamination ability that fades the color easily. Again, it is a chemical that may lead to harm to your kid. So, better avoid this while choosing tie dye kit for kids. 

Again, the use of soda ash involves a lot of work. You may need to pre-soak your fabrics or maybe you need to soak fabrics after dyeing. But any kid should not allow to be done this procedure by itself. If you are using kits with soda ah, then this should be done under your supervision. 

If you want to use such kits, then go for one that comes with the amount of soda ash you need. This will eliminate the hassle to collect this chemical. In our list, we don’t enlist any sort of kit with soda ash.

  • Dyes should be non-toxic

As the dyed fabric stays in contact with your kid’s skin. So, it is very important to check if the dyes are non-toxic, acid and heavy metals free or not. As this remains in direct contact with the skin, so definitely check this point if the dyes are non-toxic or not. Otherwise, it may create harm like rashes or allergies to the skin.

  • An easy operation is a must

The tie is all about enjoying fun in spring or winter break or is perfect for the kid’s science projects. The kids are having fun while dyeing their fabrics. So, the process needs to be very easy so that they can enjoy the whole process. If the dyeing process involves a lot of work, then this will no longer be fun for them.

  • Dyes should be fast to wash and wear

You don’t want your tie dyed t-shirts to fade easily. So, choose the one that can be machine washable and durable with repeated washing. The kids are pure souls and they may easily get their clothing dirty. So, if the dyes come out easily from the fabric, it will not be acceptable.

  • Dyes should be vibrant

Purchasing kits, and dyeing by yourself are a lot of tasks. So, if you find the end results are not as vibrant as you like, how do you feel? So, go for vibrant dyes for tie dyeing. The traditional tie dyeing technique is all about dyeing with vibrant colors.

Tie dye your kid’s socks, bed sheets, t-shirts, and pants with our chosen tie dye kits for kids. We enlisted the product considering all of these points so that you can make a worthwhile purchase. 

FAQs on Best Tie Dye Kits for Kids

How to remove dyes from my kid’s hand?

Don’t worry! The marks aren’t permanent. Eventually, they will be worn out. But if you want the result quick, then using a heavy duty soap is advisable. 

How to deal with the dried spots after completing tie-dyeing?

Once you are finished with your tie-dyeing, make sure you properly clean your surrounding stuff. Because if you don’t do this properly, it can make a mess in the future while doing other projects. 

When the spots will come into contact with water, it becomes activated. So, it’s better to clean them properly.

How to get the stain removed if my kid accidentally spills dye on an unprotected area?

Accidents can happen unfortunately by kids. If this happens use an absorbent towel to soak up the spilled dyes. If dyes spilled onto the laminated or tiled floor, then it’s better to clean any remaining stains with bleach products. 

But if dyes spilled onto the unvarnished wooden structures, then the stains may not be completely removed. So, using plastic while doing your projects with tie dye is advisable. 

To Sum Up

Hopefully, with our detailed information on the best tie dye kits for kids, you can be able to purchase the perfect kit for your kid. Your kid’s safety is our top priority. So, we have prepared our list keeping that in our mind. Enjoy your purchase with us!

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